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Monday, October 14, 2013

Last, but not least....

We always spend some of our time on the North Shore, in our car,
 driving the Fall Color Tour
 in the Sawtooth mountain range near Tofte
 The road take us to the back woods, 
where the colors are at their best
For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. 
Through everything God made , they can clearly see his 
invisible qualities-his eternal power an divine nature. 
So they have no excuse for not knowing God    Romans 1:20
 I was determined to find this little church again, I'm in love with this little beauty!
It's somewhere down the gunflint trail on "Maple Leaf road"
We found it again  :)
~ ~ ~
Grand Marias is a must-go-to town for us, 
just a small town with a population of 1300
a small town that is booming with character,
 it's unique, diverse and
  there's so much to see and do. 
The World's Best Donut Shop did not disappoint us.
 It was our first visit here, it's been closed all the other times we've come.
 Long Johns with maple frosting
Yummy rich frosting, soft middle and  a wee bit of a crunch on the bottom
Seriously, I have never had a donut this good.... in my life!
They were so good we bought two more for a late night treat.

Artist Point- Why had we never explored this area before?
A 1/2 mile hike, over lava rock, through a small forest,
 beauty all around, 
I can see why this area is an inspiration for artists and photographers, 
it's breath taking...
My nomad husband...he forgot to bring a hat out to the point, 
the sun was intense.
 Looking back at Grand Marais from Artist Point

Home bound...
 The weather changed, on the day we were to come back home 
it was extremely windy, cool and overcast, 
it made it a little easier to leave the North Shore 
 We made a few stop to admire this kind of thing
Surfers on Lake Superior...I love that 
Our favorite time of year together... Our favorite adventure,
 just him and I, relaxing, exploring, laughing.
We are refreshed!


  1. What a beautiful place to see.

    1. That it is mom :)

    2. We want to go next year!!!

  2. Your photo of Grand Marais from Artist Point is spectacular, Jackie. In fact, all of these images are, but I like that one especially. I have never been this far north. But your photos are definitely encouraging me to think of heading that direction next fall.

    1. You wouldnt be disappointed Audrey.... Grand Marais is a very artistic kind of city, I think you'd like it :)

    2. Oh, yes, I expect I would. I'd go for the pastry for sure.

  3. As always, love your pictures and your commentary! We share a love of the North Shore and the tradition of visiting every year. One of my favorite places on Earth.

    1. We will have to go there as couples someday when your kids are older and self sufficient, I can wait though, they are growing up fast enough as it is!

  4. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Such a great post! I LOVE the North Shore. We were there over Labor Day (my husband grew up in Duluth) and I still need to post about it. I LOVE that surfing photo! Have to show my kids that one. GREAT photos!! (Do I have enough ALL CAPS today? Yes, I think SO!)

  5. Thanks for stopping by, The North Shore is one of our favorite places to be, dont think I'll ever tire of it :)

  6. So, so beautiful. What a special tradition:)