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Monday, November 11, 2013

Munchin' on apple peelings...

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my baking buddy, granddaughter Audrey.
When she found out that I didn't have any chocolate chips ( grandpa ate them all), she asked me this....
"Grandma, can we make an Apple Pie"?
I happen to make a pretty yummy Dutch Apple Pie for which I had all the ingredients, 
so we went to it. 
I was reflecting a bit as we made the pie together, and was thankful for the TIME that I have to spend with the grands, doing fun things with no interruptions.
I told Audrey that I think God made grandma's for making
 apple pies and cookies with their grandkids. 
It's really a different phase of life,  I no longer have all the "mommy duties"
 that take up so much time in the day.
 Being a mommy with little ones at home is great, I loved that season of life,
but it's easy to get lost in the everyday things that really do need to be done as well. 
In between all the chores of mommy-hood, there is play dates, crafts and one-on-on time, 
all this while multi-tasking with house work, dinner panning and errands.
I've been there and feel blessed to have done that! 
I'm loving the laid-back time in my life,
even though I stay busy with life, it's a less hectic busy... a fun busy
Munching on apple peelings
 Sweet little hands flattening the crumb crust....

The "fruits" of our labor
Our first pie together  :)


  1. Great job. Hope you have many more baking times together.

  2. Oh it's usually the first thing she asks.... "Grandma, can we make cookies?" :)

  3. So, so sweet:) I love your bangs by the way!

    1. Thanks Jen, they are taking some getting used to :)

  4. I love the bangs, too, Jackie. You're making me think perhaps I ought to try bangs. Hmmm.

    Such a sweet post. I am very excited to become a grandma some day. Your Audrey is beyond precious.

    1. It's a funny things about those bangs....right before Rick snapped the picture I asked him, "do my bangs look ok"? They are so hard to get used to! Thanks for your sweet comment about Audrey, we just have so much fun together.

  5. Love the little hands in the pie :)

    1. Me too Cheri...she's pushing with all her might!

  6. Anonymous8:50 PM

    And my heart melts..........

  7. Mine too Doreen :)

  8. Love the hand picture. It makes me glad that she gets to do all these fun things with you, she'll remember so much of it. The other day I was thinking about about how you're such an awesome Grandma and how I'm excited to be that way someday and at the same time Chris said aloud, "Your mom really is a fun grandma" haha, it's true! I know it comes easy for you, but thank you over and over for the way you love my babies, they will have an extra enriched life because of you and Daddy! Love you.

  9. We enjoy every minute of it, it wont be long and Carson will be on the cupboard making cookies with G-ma too :)