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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Passing time at Mayo

 From the 14th floor of Gonda building adjacent to the Mayo Clinic
 Artwork adorns the wall directly in front of the waiting room
 Beautiful sailboats made from pieces of scrap metal.

Then another form of artwork out the window, 14 floors up
 Beautiful downtown Rochester, 
the court yard between the Mayo building (far right)
 and the plummer building. (middle)

Straight ahead from the same window is that Kahler hotel sign. It's been there lit-up in the night sky for as long as I can remember. It used to be easier to see but as Rochester has expanded the sign has been lost from view, unless of course you stand across from it high up in the clinic buildings.

I ran across a small article from Rochester's Post Bulletin, it was interesting
 to read the early ties between the Kahler Hotel and Mayo Clinic...

" Mayo's expanding clientele fueled the city's hotel industry, at the center of which was the Kahler, which later became known for it's red-neon sign blazing atop the city's skyline"...


  1. Jackie, these are scenes I would not expect in downtown Rochester. This looks like the "big city." Time to explore your city in depth sometime (probably next spring when the weather warms). Thanks for the mini tour. Great perspective.

  2. Rochester really is a pretty city! I would love to show you around someday :)

  3. You forgot to mention the cobwebs fliting in the breeze on the boats as the people walk by LOL

    1. I never saw the cobwebs mom....only you would notice that hee hee

  4. Jackie, have you ever read The Doctors Mayo? I remember the Kahler being mentioned in it several times.

    1. I havent read that Jen, but I'm sure I'd like it...I'l put it on my list :)

  5. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I enjoy what I've seen of Rochester. I have friends who own the chocolate shop downtown there - the Chocolaterie Stam in University Square. I LOVE visiting that store!!

  6. I dont think I have been to that Chocolate store, I'll have to check it out