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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Habits...Not the kind on a nuns head

We all have them, some are good some, not so much. 
We might have more than one, in fact I'm almost positive most of us have a few.
I thought it would be fun to blog about my own and then hopefully hear about yours.

1. Nail biting
      Top of my list, it's horrible, I hate it, I've been doing it since the beginning of time, my fingers look ugly, they hurt & sometimes bleed. I'm embarrassed and quite conscious of them. I've tried everything under the sun to stop and I cant, oh wait... I haven't tried hypnosis. I have beautiful rings that I don't wear because I don't want to bring attention to my fingers, (not sure why I ever liked rings in the first place.) I'm thankful for latex gloves at work so my hands can be covered when Im starting IV's. My granddaughter is quite aware of my nail biting and  announced to me one day, "Grandma your teaching me to bite my nails"...thankfully I'm a good example to her as to why she should never bite her nails, and she doesn't, but apparently I'm teaching her how to, ha ha.
     I went to the dermatologist once to see if maybe I was lacking something in my diet, or maybe there was another health reason to be concerned about the condition of my nails. I basically got no help and was told that I have self destructing behavior....ugh, so I'm slowly self destructing, and I started self destructing at a very young age....shouldn't I be dead?
     Enough about this horrible self destructing habit of mine and on to the next...

2. Chocolate/Raspberry Northern Lights Latte
     It may seem like a costly habit to some. I do not consider this a bad habit, here's how I justify it...
First of all I enjoy this drink most mornings because... I can, and it's not breaking our bank account. I could be spending my money on way worse things and I consider my drink somewhat healthy, It's made with skim milk (so I get a milk serving for the day) and the flavored syrups are suger-free, so there....a healthy way to start my morning, paired with my (chocolate) protein bar!
I happen to have a little coffee buddy who likes to hit-up Caribou whenever she can with grandma, another bonus for me :)

3. Checking and resetting my alarm clock about 10 times (in a row) before going to sleep. Not sure if this is classified as a habit or a little OCD.... my friend Jackie Lea might have some thought on this one.
This actually drives me nuts, I know I set it right the first time, but I continue to recheck it over and over even though I know it's set right....ugh

I guess that's enough for now although I could really come up with some more, but I'll spare you. So come on now and share some of  your habits (good or bad) with me. 


  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Just a quirk probably. Obsessive-compulsive checkers are drawn to check things because of ugly, intrusive thoughts in their heads ("Someone will die if I don't check my alarm clock is set right!") that spawn intense anxiety. So, if you're just worried that you didn't set it right and that you won't wake up on time, just a quirk! :-) I used to do that too (I don't think mine was caused by my OCD either). I trained myself out of it by setting it once and then staring hard at it for an extra few seconds to be certain I'd set it right. Then I wouldn't allow myself to check it again!

  2. I knew you'd know the answer to that alarm clock question Jac'.... I just really need to do that, I dont think I've ever overslept, not sure why I'm so worried about it. :)

  3. I didn't know about your alarm clock 'quirk', You're not alone. I drive myself nuts with setting alarm clocks. I only have to do it the night before my weekend shifts and I actually dread the moment before setting it because I know I'm going to have to re-check it like 5 times (at least it's not 10 times!) and I feel like I can't relax until I check it several times, it's completely illogical, but I do feel that anxiety related it to. I've wondered too if that's a tiny bit of a compulsive behavior. I feel like I could force myself to not to do it though. Dah! What's with that?! Your coffee habit it the best one because it's fun :) Some how I randomly lucked out and stopped biting my nails in college, well I guess it wasn't random, it was because it was giving me headaches. Maybe together we can stop the alarm checking madness!

    1. Ahhhhh the dreaded alarm clock habit, and here I thought I was alone :) Last night I only set it once.... I worked yip yip

  4. Your little Audrey's comment about your nail biting just made me laugh. No wonder she's such a great coffee buddy.

    I tend to double check on things like whether the door is locked before leaving the house. But I suppose that's a good thing.

    1. Audrey actually drew me a picture too about not biting my nails...she's quite concerned :)

  5. I used to be a nail bitter...I overcame it... you canDO IT Miss Jackie!!! then we can go get that mani... I even came over my nasty short toes!! hehe ;)

  6. Oh dear...I have too many habits/quirks to list! A fun blog post to consider though:)