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Monday, December 23, 2013

Little girl...Big heart

 We have an older neighbor lady named Marion, 
she lost her husband a few years ago which was very hard for her. 
One day, a few summers ago I took Audrey down to visit Marion. 
Since then, Audrey has always had a special place in her heart for Marion
 and I think the feeling is mutual.

Audrey often asks to go visit Marion, and I usually oblige.
Audrey will go to the door and knock, Marion comes to the door and immediately asks us in. 
She loves to make Audrey feel special by asking her many questions about herself, 
she takes notice of Audrey attire, and seems genuinely interested in whats going on in her little life.

Marion loves to teach Audrey about things she has around her house, plants, rocks, driftwood, flowers and then inside the house we have a lot to learn from her spinning wheel, Gem stones and most recently, her Norwegian themed Christmas tree.

Yesterday Audrey was here for the afternoon and she (out of the blue) asked
 if we could take some of the cookies we had made last week and share them with Marion
How could I not honor that sweet requests. 
So we wrapped the cookies up on a plate and down the road we went
 to deliver the "kiss cookies"
 Marion was so excited to see Audrey and she couldn't thank her enough for thinking of her.
We were invited in to visit, while Marion ohhh'd and ahhhh'd some more about the cookies
I just love this thoughtful little girl with a great big heart

 Marion's beautiful arrangement near the front door, she is an avid gardener and 
knows how to put together a festive front step


  1. This does not surprise me at all. Your Audrey has a heart filled with kindness as I can attest to with that beautiful bracelet she gave me shortly after we met.

    God has blessed Audrey with this special gift and it is delight to read about her love and concern for others and your encouragement, Jackie.

  2. Awww thanks Audrey, she is such a sweet child!

  3. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Such a sweet story.....at any time of the year!!! Christmas bakings and such touch many a heart....especially presented by a wee one!!!! Hugs.....................

  4. Just another fun reason to go visit Marion, Audrey was so excited, and it was all her idea (I just love that) :)

  5. Anonymous5:01 PM

    What a lovely wee girl! A blessing for more than one person. :-)

  6. So true Gretchen....blessings all around!

  7. I love their cute little relationship. I love Audrey's impression of how Marion reacts when Audrey comes over, too funny. They are a blessing to each other! Thanks for encouraging Audrey's giving heart.

  8. Last night she was concerned that Marion was alone for Christmas, i Reassured her that maion's daughter and grandkids had come to celebrate, she was ok with that :)

  9. What a wonderful blessing Audrey's sweet spirit is to your neighbor:)