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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Party weekend

It was a weekend of celebrations with family and friends....
Friday night we went to a friends house for their annual Christmas party. 
We look forward to seeing a lot of friends all under one roof (30 of us attended), 
the dinner is fabulous, followed by a "white reindeer" gift exchange. 
 I spared our friends and did not bring my camera. We always have a great time, 
it's kind of our kick off to the Christmas season.
Most years it seems our annual Hemmer progressive dinner follows Saturday night of the same weekend, so we get a double whammy which puts us in the spirit for sure.
This year we hosted the main course which is always wild rice soup and sandwiches/fixins
The main table was set for 8 plus a high chair
 the other table set for 8 in the living room
My Brother in law was first in line....someones gotta do it!
It wouldn't be a family gathering without the uncles (Brice & Gavin) throwing the kids around
I believe this was Carson's first "toss" by Uncle Brice. 
The "toss" gets higher as the little ones get bigger. 

The only thing missing (besides 4 of my nieces & nephews) was SNOW.
snow on the ground would have been the frosting on the cake!

It was a little late, but I was pleased to wake up to snow this morning....
such a beautiful sight!
Tonight out my front window, only about 2 inches but enough to cover the grass,
 I'll take that for now!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, 
anyone else have and Christmas season celebrations?
I'd love to hear about yours.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. Gramps snored through most of the Viking game. That was our weekend.

    1. well...at least you had that, Ha!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with family and friends. Food and love. And now snow. I sense one very happy Jackie.

    1. Yes Audrey, a happy Jackie indeed :)

  3. DH caught the very end of the Viking game.....that was quite enough!!! The snow plow just went by on our country road......quite slick out there but I'm off to Spring Grove for my guild Christmas lunch gathering. I love progressive dinners/suppers!!! We used to do them with a VW owners club in the Twin Cities (about 40+ yrs ago!!!!!!). Great photos!!!! Stay warm and safe........hugs to you all........

    1. I agree about the Vikings, we only caught the end too.... enough is enough :)

  4. Fun weekend, and busy, for you! Wow. No big celebrations here yet ... not til Christmas Eve!

    1. You get all the kids home this year, right :)

  5. you should come to cincy... lots of snow and not as cold! 4 inches on friday and another 4 today :) and we get snow days for that kind of snow :) well at least those in school do....

    1. I would love to come to cincy, we have more snow forecasted...I can only hope :)