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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tis the season

 Seems like just yesterday our 3 little ones were in Christmas programs, mainly Church and school. Always an exciting time for the kids, parents and of course the grandparents.

...and so the circle of life continues , we are now the grandparents watching the most beautiful, well behaved, perfect (in our eyes) amazing grandchild.

Audrey had her first BIG Christmas program for preschool, 
I was so thankful this fall when my daughter was able to get Audrey
 into the very last slot of the "kingdom kids", a Christian preschool. 
They were actually able to tell the story of Jesus birth
  through song and stories...  the true meaning of Christmas.
These little darlings captured the hearts of all those in attendance, 
such sweet angelic voices, the girls smiling and waving, the boys a bit more cautious.

 Audrey is passing by our row, all smiles after seeing her family.

 That's our little miss smack-dab in the middle

 the boys dont seem all too thrilled with this song selection.

 Showing us her ginger bread man

 Best friends, Em and Audrey

I'm looking forward to attending all the activities that the grandkids are in, 
It's only just begun....
This grandparent gig is the best! 

Had to throw in a pic of little Carson, 
Love this baby  :)


  1. I'm so thankful to get to share the babies with you and dad, it just wouldn't be as fun or fulfilling without wonderful grandparents in the picture! Thanks for wanting to come! I love the pictures. The one of her as she passed our aisle makes me giggle every time, same with that one of her smack dab in the middle with her little grin. Sweet little pic of Buddy too. Those babies will never have to wonder if they are adored and for that I am grateful.

    1. We are beyond blessed to have you so near. Looking forward to many more "programs" and events :)

  2. What a great event. Now it all starts the years of joy watching the grandkids.

    1. You were there for our....I remember :)

  3. I love watching the little kids in these Christmas programs. Ours is Saturday evening at church. No grandkids, of course, but kids of friends.

    Your "babies" are precious and, ah, so loved.

    1. Still fun to support your Church family isnt it Audrey. The little ones are alway so fun to watch!

  4. Oh so fun! Glad you all live in town together so you can attend all of those fun events:)