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Monday, January 06, 2014

You know it's cold when jackie wears a coat...

The idea for the title of my post came from my 
friend Audrey over at Minnesota Prairie Roots 
We have only met once in person but Audrey knows me well.
She knows that I love winter and from comments I have made about winter,
she knows, I almost never wear a coat. 
In fact it has to be really cold for me to even think about it, and by "really cold" 
I mean the kind of cold we had today.
 It's old news that there is an arctic blast that invaded Minnesota today
 and even I will agree...
Baby it's cold outside
With temperatures as low at -26 and windchills -50/-60 
 I suited up in my hip-length winter coat. I'm still working on mittens :)
A rare site indeed.... Jackie wearing a coat
(with a light-weight shirt underneath)


  1. Oh, am I laughing or what. Always happy to inspire you, my friend, and thanks for the shout out.

    Your wearing a coat is, indeed, breaking news.

    Just FYI, Randy's co-worker, Trace, did not wear a coat today. He delivers parts for NAPA. He is always running around in short sleeves, without a coat, so reports Randy.

    1. Audrey, Sometimes I think the only reason I put on a coat is so I don't have to hear people say, "You're crazy,where's your coat"! ha :)

  2. This post cracks me up Jackie! My best friend from 7th grade, she never wears a coat no matter how cold it gets. In fact we went to lunch a couple of weeks ago and she was coatless. She does wear mittens though. :) Keep warm!

    1. Some winters I never put a coat on but like I mentioned above, I get tired of the comments....."where's your coat? and are you crazy girl"? So I'm up to 2 time this year and that will probably be it, unless we go for a winter walk, then I do need a coat but I usually end up getting too warm and wish I didnt have it on.

  3. I am a firm believer in hats and coats and mittens (though I love that some people out there don't need them!) I also am a firm believer in barn photos! And in Audrey!

  4. This made me smile Gretchen...thanks for stopping by :)

  5. .... are you wearing socks? I often don't wear a coat either, but this week I am!!

  6. I hate wearing socks, and usually don't... even in the winter, but on this day i did.