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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cleaning is for the birds...

Thought I would take a little break from cleaning and post a little something...

This morning I looked out to see the birds feasting on the birdfeeder

 They didn't seem to mind that I was right up against
the deck door only a few feet from them.

 I love these purple finches....so pretty

Cleaning is one of those things that I can hardly bear to do. 
I do keep a tidy house, but it's the dusting and vacuuming and cobwebs 
and cracks and corners and ceiling fans
 and showers and so on and so on that sucks the life right out of me.
 I think it's mostly because I never feel like it's done.... every where I look, 
I see more to do, it drives me nuts. 
Then I feel guilty about feeling this way, I look at the bright side
I HAVE a house to clean
I HAVE the time to clean
I HAVE a husband that is always willing to help
I HAVE good health that I am able to clean
and best of all, after I finish today I will be glad I did  :)

Curious about what thoughts are about cleaning your house
Some people love to clean, it that you?
Encouragement is welcome  :)


  1. These photos are excellent, Jackie. Looks like you had really clean windows to shoot these.

    I don't clean nearly as often as I once did, mostly because the house does not get as dirty with only two of us living here. A friend used to tease me that my floors were so clean you could eat off them. Ah, maybe not anymore. Cleaning has notched down in priority for me, although I still have a (mostly) clean house.

    1. Yah, it's definately a notch down for me too, but it's kind of like a monkey on my back...ugh!

  2. Jackie, Glad you took time off from cleaning to get those great shots of the birds--well done!!! I don't mind cleaning, but I do mind cleaning and then turning around and doing it again and again and again. It is one of those "never ending " jobs. Mickie :)

  3. Never ending, yep that's what house cleaning is....that goes for the laundry too! Hope you have a nice weekend Mickie

  4. It's like you just spoke my very thoughts about cleaning...