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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Family gatherings

Since I have been married, 
I have not know anything but large holiday gatherings for every holiday. 
Never a dull moment,  it's even branched into the 3rd generation...
 it's a lot of people all together in one home.... that being my mom & dad's  home. 
Easter was the most recent gathering, all of us gathered together 
except my dear daughter who was working as a nurse at the hospital.  
That make 25...whew.
Thought I would share a little bit of our family on Easter
Ok, so maybe a lot....
 My Son-in-love and grands after church

 Grandma Mary's got the best food

 I'm usually the last to eat, I love getting the candid shots

My dad with his #4 great grandchild

More eating shots

The rain stopped so let the games begin

Carson and Audrey love playing chalk 
Grandpa Rick engages with little Carson ...
... who always wants grandpa to draw balls.

Did I forget to mention the 2 dogs?
This is my sister's dog, Ruby.

My nephew Jamey with his dog Major Briggs
Audrey is taking him for a little walk. 

 Notice the cars lined up on the road that goes past mom & dad's
That line extends well beyond the driveway

 My nephew Sam showing Carson how to dribble

Slam dunk! 

My sister holding her our grand niece Abby, she belongs to my niece Megan (far left)

There are many that I didn't get in the photos, but I love them all the same. 
4th of July...next big event at the Erickson's


  1. Love the pictures!!!!! Nothing worse than missing a family gathering! I had to block it from my mind so I wouldn't be sad all day! Glad to get to see bits and pieces of the day!

    1. We really missed you Brie, such is the life of a Nurse, thanks for taking such good care of those who were hurting and sick.

  2. Jackie, I love this post. There's nothing better than celebrating a holiday like Easter in the presence of loved ones. Nothing. Every single shot shows how much your family loves each other. Beautiful, beautiful photos and words.

    1. Thanks Audrey, we really do have a good time!

  3. Such fun memories! So great that you can all get together for holidays even with so many generations:)

    1. It's so crazy to see these nieces and nephews now having babies...so fun!

  4. seems like yesterday all the "kids" were kids! (and Sam was Carson's age running around at your place!)

  5. I miss that... alot!