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Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Church basement Ladies...

This weekend Rick and I are on a much needed get away.
 It was our 32nd anniversary on Thursday so we planned
 to head to the cities for some fun...

I have always wanted to see the production of
  "The Church Basement Ladies"
Our hotel was not far from the Plymouth playhouse
 so it seemed a perfect time to go see the play.

 "The story is about the ladies that work in the church basement cooking meals for church functions. The musical is inspired by the humorous book Growing Up Lutheran, by Janet Letnes Martin and Suzann Nelson. Published in 1997, Growing Up Lutheran is a humorous "scrapbook of memories" of what is was like to grow up Lutheran in the Midwest in the 1950's".(Excerpt from Wikipedia)

I grew up "Lutheran"...but not in the 1950's so some of it I got, some of it felt a little "old" for me,
I think the ladies in their late 60's and beyond could probably relate to the play more then I could but it didn't matter, it was a blast! The actors did a great job of living out there parts,
both Rick and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
There was also a  few "uff-da's", which is one of those Norwegian words in my daily vocabulary.

No camera's allowed....guess who had a little point and shoot in her pocket  :)
 Just one photo of the set before the play began... I just had to.
The play has been extended through June because of popular demand, I would highly recommend it, you wont be disappointed. 


  1. It was a great play. The funniest part for me was when the purse came flying throught the window above the sink followed by the woman.'

    1. Mom I agree.... I laughed my head off at that part, my favorite too!

  2. I didn't realize that the play was still running!!! DH and I will have to check into it!!! The last play we saw there was "How to Speak Minnesotan" (the first edition!!). That theater is the type I/we like.....not too small/not too big. Thanks for the "review" and belated Happy Anniversary!!!! We usually stay at the nearby Red Roof Inn. The weather on Friday was interesting!!!!!!

    1. Randy and I saw the "Minnesotan" play there, too, many years ago and loved it. I agree with Doreen about the theatre size.

      I've heard lots of good personal reviews for "Church Basement Ladies." Perhaps it's time to drop a hint to the hubby about a get-away.

      Happy anniversary and many more, you sneaky photog, you.

    2. The production will be there until June...you should go, I think you'd love it!

  3. Catching up here Jackie. I had a college roommate visiting us last week so I was not online much. I did respond to your question about the breakfast quinoa. Anyways, what a fun way to celebrate! I have heard of this play but haven't gone myself. It does look pretty funny. My college roommates and I are hoping to see something at the Lanesboro theater this summer. :) I'm glad you guys could go and laugh together. Congratulations!

    1. How fun for you to get to hang out with your college roommate. I've never been to the Lanesboro playhouse, I'll maybe have to check into that too!