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Friday, May 09, 2014

Road trippin

Seemed like it should be Saturday today... 
Rick was golfing and I had nothing on my calendar, so off I went...
headed North on hwy 63 en route to The Prim Barn occasional Market 
(more on that in a future post)

When I'm road trippin alone, I head for county roads in the general direction of home
I actually love not really knowing where I am. The more gravel road the better
I often catch myself with a smile on my face, loving the sights all around me.

 Spring fields with a hint of manure in the air....ahhhh, nothing like it  :)

 Then there was this beauty, the natural fading of the aging wood stopped me dead in my tracks.
Being out in the middle of nowhere makes it easy to stop and snap a shot 
in the middle of the road with no cars anywhere in sight....I love that!

Makes me kind of sad...

But this makes me glad..... such a well kept beautiful barn

Cant forget the old country cemeteries....had to stop and check this one out. 

Feeling refreshed....had me some "country" today


  1. You know, I could feel the country/small town living calling my name today as I drove through Spring Valley and Stewartville today. I never lived in the country/small town, but something about it appeals to me.

  2. I grew up in the country (but not on a farm) with cows in the pasture about a block from our house, I used to go sit by the fence and just watch them. We used to visit my Grandma's farm in West Concord....many fond memories :)

  3. Girlfriend, you need to get yerself a place in the country with a barn! Love the barn photos :)

    1. Maybe you and Kirk could let me come up and play in your barn (shed) ha ha.

  4. Very nice road trip.

  5. Ah, what a great drive. Love your discoveries, as always. Thanks for taking me along.

    1. You are welcome any time Audrey :)

  6. Anonymous9:59 AM

    "Road trippin'" is always a wonderful pastime and thanks for allowing us to climb in the seat next to you and come along!!!! Tonight DH and I head to Zumbrota to meet up with Audrey & hubby for the poetry/art event being held there at "Crossings". Audrey will be reading one of her poems!!!!! Hugs.....................

    1. Come along anytime Doreen :) Wish I could come listen to Audrey as well, So many commitments for us here on this Mother's Day weekend. I'm sure it will be wonderful....Enjoy!