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Friday, June 27, 2014

"Chairs gone wild"

While on Vacation this week we visited a beautiful park in Spicer MN.
We were delighted to find this display of hand painted Adirondack chairs.

This is a summer project sponsored by the Beautification/design committee, 
it's called "Chairs gone wild"
15 area artist were given unpainted chairs to design,
 they are being displayed throughout Spicer this summer. 
At the end of the summer they will be auctioned off
 to help with the cities beautification project.
 Any extra money will help fund  "Music in the Park"
 which will take place the summer of 2015.

Here are just a few of these beautiful chairs that we saw.
 A beautiful "Up North" scene

 Love this one, there is a bible verse inscribed on one of the arm, so bright and beautiful!

 The TV guide and doilies are painted in place....it looked so real

 Simple and summer-like

another view, with beautiful Green Lake in the background

The playground was off to the left, we had a great time there with the grands
 "Wild cat cove"

Our sweet Carson

 Our sweet Audrey...."adventure girl"

It was a beautiful evening...so blessed  :)

More of our vacation, coming soon...


  1. What a great idea, that chair art. My fav is "simple and summer-like."

    Your other photos are just beautiful. Really like the point of view on the Audrey and Carson photos. And the blue of that water. Oh, my.

    1. Thanks Audrey, Yah the chairs were a fun find...too pretty to sit in :)

  2. Spicer is the hometown location of Heather Mulder Peterson (Anka's Treasures http://ankastreasures.wordpress.com/ ). I love her quilt patterns/books. I believe she has a place on that lake. Look forward to more of your vaca posts!!!!!!

  3. We didnt have much time to explore the city, With the grands along we happily just played :) Have you been to this quilt shop Doreen?

  4. I love the American flag/bible verse chair, I actually kind of want it! It would be interesting to see how much they al go for. Loved that park! I could get used to a park with such a view!

  5. You cant have it Brie....I get it :) It was a fun place to hang out, that's for sure.