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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

It's something we used to just talk about.

If it were his idea he probably would have worked a few more years.
With all the layoffs over the last few years it really wouldn't be a surprise.
It didn't matter anymore if you were working on some important projects, if you were staying busy with customer problems or even if you were considered an "expert" in what you do.... 
Many important and contributing employees have felt the sting of IBM's "Resource Actions
 No one really knows any more who will be the next to get the news. 
Rumor's were flying in February that another big layoff was coming.... Yep, it sure did! 

After almost 33 years of service to "Big Blue", 
and at the young age of 55, Rick was "Retirement eligible"... so Retired he is! 
 One of his last times through that door.
March 2014
People react with, "sorry to here about your job", we are not sorry, and actually we were quite prepared for it. We are at a good place in our lives right now,  we are healthy, debt-free,
 young(ish) and ready for adventure!

One of Rick's favorite things to do is hang out with the grands!
Wednesday's have become Audrey and Grandpa day
She's really getting the hang of ice skating at our Recreation Center
Rick's first selfie....I love it!

Carson loves his grandpa "ba"! 
There's no doubt the feeling is mutual

The end of June we will have another to spoil....cant wait!

The end of March, were able to celebrate Rick's retirement with all the kids,  
We love any opportunity to have all of our kids together!

So proud of my man, who has always provided for our family and  taken such good care of us.
I have never heard him complained about going to work....not even once.

You can't have a retirement party without a few gifts
It's a golf towel for his golf bag.... 
"RDH", his initials. I love that it says, "Full Time Golfer"  :)

 It's almost been two months, 
Rick has stayed busy organizing, making retirement decisions, talking to financial people, playing, following me around, working out, having lunch with friends, and Golfing.
For now he's enjoying "being retired",
 In time he will decide if he'd like to venture back into the work force,
if  and when the opportunity presents itself.

I'm enjoying having my favorite man around,
it's an adjustment but a good thing that's for sure. 
He makes me laugh with his goofy jokes and quirky mannerisms.
 He likes to follow me around saying... "all... day... long"

Love sharing life with this guy  :)


  1. That last comment made me laugh 'all day long' haha, he would say that. Love that last picture of you two :) A sweet blog for Dad. I feel like he's been so busy now that he's retired, filling his time up with fun and interesting things :) It's fun to see him even more. So proud of him!

    1. Busy yes, but a good busy! I'm enjoying having him around, You dad is such a goof, but you already know that :)

  2. All day long. LOL I like a little alone time now and then. Metal detecting is fun time for me.

    1. Oh we really are quite independent, mom, he just likes to tease that he' gonna follow me around "all day long" :) It's working out good,I love having him around. :)

  3. Congratulations to Rick on his retirement at such a young age. And he is young. I expect in many ways it is a relief rather than dealing with the wondering whether he would be the next to go at IBM. Caleb enjoyed his time there last summer and I wish he was in Rochester again instead of in far away Boston. I miss my boy so much. It's been five months now since I've seen him.

    I think it's great that Rick could retire young so that you have this precious time together while you are young and in good health. I wish Randy could retire.

    1. We are blessed for sure. Rick has talked to many IBM'ers that are slightly jealous....knowing that they might not reap the benefits, pension etc if let go at a later date, it's just such a time of uncertainly for IBM. Some are actually "raising there hands" to make it known they would like out on the next cut.... mostly those who are of retirement age. My heart is weary for you as you miss Caleb, I'm sure it's so hard not seeing him for such a long time. I hesitated to write this post, because I didn't mean (or want) for it to sound braggish, Rick of course didn't really want to be the center of attention but this Blog is about our life and I want to make sure the big stuff gets documented :) Randy will retire when the timings right, thanks God for good health and a happy life.

  4. Congrats on your husband's retirement. Sounds like you have plenty of great activities to keep you busy. It is good that you are young enough to really enjoy it--sometimes people wait too long and don't have good health, enough money, etc. to enjoy their free time. Happy times ahead - enjoy!!!! Mickie :)

    1. Thanks Mickie, It's been nice having him home, we are staying busy together and loving it!

  5. Congratulations to you and your husband on his retirement! It is so wonderful that he could make the choice. What a special blessing that you are both young and healthy and can enjoy this freedom. I think it is wonderful that he is spending time with your grandkids and keeping involved with the things that bring him joy in life. I love that last photo of the two of you, so sweet.

  6. We are enjoying the freedom so far Rachel, he's thinking he will want to find some sort of employment this winter, he doesnt want to be too bored, but for the summer and fall he has plenty of projects and things to do :)

  7. Congrats to Rick! What a wonderful season of life to enter with the one you love:)

  8. It kind of snuck up on us but it's all good :)

  9. So many uncertainties at big blue. Sounds like you both have a great attitude and are enjoying the time together. (We had no idea about this ... you are good secret keepers!)

    1. Cheri I meant to tell you when you and Cara were here, but my mind was on sweet Sydney. Not a secret at all, just havent got the news out to everyone. He was totally prepared and knew it was coming, we just feel so blessed not to be in a situation where it would have been a shock or big deal....like some of his friends :( It's all good, I love having him around !

  10. Love the picture of you two at the end :) soo sweet :)

  11. I'd like to say congratulations for making good decisions to make this day possible -- many young people could learn from your example -- the Good Lord, some good planning and LOTs of hard work made this possible -- or and did I mention -- you lived like no one else -- so you could live like no one else.

    Has Rick considered leading Financial Peace University at your church? In many ways, you guys could be poster children for that program.

    Congratulations to the Rick and you both! Enjoy!