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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Ball playing...

Athletics run in our family
I remember going to watch my mom play softball when I was a little girl,
I think that's where I inherited the love of the game.
 I played boys baseball in elementary school (back when girls didnt play on boys teams....but I did)
I went on to play slowpitch, then highschool and college fast pitch.

My hubby "played ball" since he was a little guy,
and my kids have play many sports as well.

Our kids grew up watching Rick and I play softball, 
as I got more busy being a mom, it was
 mostly Rick.... he still plays as a  sub. 
I loved packing up the kids and going to watch Rick play ball.

The tradition has extended now to our grandkids
 They are the next generation of game watchers as they watch their daddy play
(our son-in-law Chris)

Miss Audrey scaling the fence about 3 years old

 Our boys (Gavin left & Brice right) and son-in-law playing in the Church of Christ State tournament

 Little Carson started his ball watching at a very early age.
Uncle Brice taking a break to tell him about the game  :)

 My sweet daughter....a faithful fan

Yep, that's my guy just a few years ago...he's still got it! 

 The fans

 Taking a little break, in-between games

My boys playing with Audrey between games 
I love how happy she is...she loves her uncles

 This year Carson has grown up a bit
It's his 3rd season of watching ball.

 Monkey see... monkey do.

Grandpa and Carson watching Carson's daddy play. 

Still climbing the fence... she's a veteran ball watcher with 6 seasons under her belt.

The mamma's and the littles

Daddy's #1 fans
 and hopefully the next generation of ball players ! 


  1. What a wonderful legacy running through the generations. Love and happiness shine in these photos.

    I especially enjoyed the photos of Miss Audrey scaling the fence in a skirt.

    1. Hopefully we'll watch the grands play ball some day, but if they dont, that's ok too. Audrey loves wearing skirts, I like that picture too :)

  2. Such fun pictures :) Maybe someday Chris and Carson will be on the same team :)

    1. I bet they will, hard to imagine Carson ever being old enough :)