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Sunday, August 10, 2014

These two....

Sunday morning after church...

Audrey: "Grandma, can me and buddy come to your house today?" 
Me: "Why not, but we better ask your mamma"....

The answer was YES!

Whoop whoop, let the party begin  :)

 A little posing from this soon to be kindergartner.
She is growing up in so many ways! Such a sweet & sensitive little girl! 
We love spending time with her, cherishing every time she wants to be with grandma and grandpa.

Carson needed something in the house... my guess, a cookie  :) 
This little 2 year old is such a joy, his goofy little personality is really starting to show, 
He is funny and loud....such "a boy"! 
We cherish his littleness...they grow to too fast  :/

We spent a better part of the afternoon in the backyard watching the kids swim
There was no-time for nap-time for Carson... he played right through
I love the joy in their faces, they really love each other
Be-Still-My Heart

Grandpa had to get-in on the fun!
Rick is such a hands-on, fun grandpa,
 that's the kind of daddy he was too!

There was a lot of helping going on,
 Carson helped to water grandma's flowers

Audrey had the idea to get a pail of soapy water (lots of soap) and a sponge
to clean the front entry of the house, Carson had to help too. They had such a fun time cleaning, that went on for about 1/2 hour.... such busy kids.

The day ended with Brianna & Chris joining us for dinner, 
then some more swimming before going home for bed-time....
No-nap Carson was more than ready  :)


  1. What a wonderful Sunday. Better than a Sunday afternoon drive, right?

    I love that Rick is such a hands-on grandpa, right there in the pool with Audrey and Carson. That is one photo which is sure to be treasured.

    1. It was such an enjoyable day, the kids did have fun with grandpa...as always :)

  2. I think that is so sweet that Audrey asked to spend the afternoon with you two. I love how your husband got right in the pool with them. Looks like you guys had a great time! Congratulations on your new granddaughter. She is darling!

    1. Yes Rachel, he'll do about anything with those little ones, he's such a fun grandpa. I hope to do another post w :/

  3. What a fun afternoon:)

  4. Glad the kids had such a special day, love the pictures from this day :) Such fun memories for them. I totally need to buy some big sponges and let them do that at home with the soapy water! Fun!

    1. It's one way to get the front entry cleaned :)