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Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Christmas Memories in Photo's...

We had quite a few Christmas gatherings this year, more than a typical year...
 There was illness, work schedules, car trouble and just the normal sharing of families, 
but we made it all work and enjoyed the time spent with family... 
making memories.
 Audrey is finally old enough to hold her own candle at the 
Christmas eve service at our church

My little brother, playing with his grand niece Abby & nephew Carson

Uncle gavin playing with the kids

My side of the family, all but 3 made it to the celebration. 
This is a picture of mom & dad's grandkids(and spouses) and great grandkids 
(Mom and Dad looking on, far right)

Daughter Brianna and my grands

Daddy is helping Carson open one of his gifts.

Gavin seems quite pleased to have a "queen" CD

Audrey's princess barbies, she squealed when she opened this one.

My son Brice demonstrating how to wear his daughters tutu 

Scarlett's 1st Christmas.

Our three tiny loves, Audrey 5, Scarlett 5 months, Carson 2, 

Daughter-in-love Jenny and baby Scarlett

Girl cousins

Audrey and her daddy Chris

The stockings

Me and my baby... ha, ha

Hope you all had a nice Christmas stacked full of wonderful memories!


  1. Such fun pictures :) Love the one of Audrey and her 7 dolls. She was SO excited!

    1. I wish i would have recorded her opening that.... I think she made a crazy sound and even shook a little bit...She's so funny.

  2. Tough to choose a favorite here because all of them show such joy and family love. But, yeah, I agree with Brianna about the seven princesses pic. What a moment of childhood delight. Thanks for sharing your family with us, Jackie. They are beautiful.

    1. Thanks Audrey, I love the pic of Audrey as well, she was soooo excited when she opened this one... "I've always wanted this one grandma". Sweet girl!

  3. Great time was had for all. Everyone brought good food too. Really missed the three that couldn't make it.

    1. You always put on a great day mom :)

  4. Great pics and memories!

    1. Indeed Jen...It was :)