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Monday, March 16, 2015

I blinked and he was a man.....

..... he'll always be my baby!
 Happy 24th Birthday to my sweet boy
 (who has somehow grown into a man)

Born March 16th, 1991 at 12:01am
9lb 13oz,
21 1/2 in long

We named him Gavin Chandler 
GAVIN * Derived from medieval times from the name Gawain,
one of the knights at King Arthur's round table.
I loved the name, for me it sounded strong, but also gentle, he has certainly grown into his name!
Gavin shares his middle name *CHANDLER with his Paternal Great-grandpa, he was fortunate enough to know his G-Grandpa, Neil Chandler who died only a few years ago.

Your gentle, patient spirit is so much like your dad's. 
You are smart, caring, loyal, sensitive and strong! 
You have so many talents, music and sports to name a few! 
Then there are those talents only you can master....
like balancing anything on your chin including an 8 feet ladder. 
You can spin almost anything on your finger including pillows.

You are such a good uncle...those babies love you!
 Uncle Gavin is the best!
Making memories.

We are proud of you and love you just the way your are Gavin,
Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy 24th birthday, Gavin! He sounds like a wonderful young man, which does not at all surprise me.

    Is that a harmonica?

    1. Thanks Audrey, he's pretty special :) and yes, that's a harmonica. He has self taught himself about every instrument he can get his hand on :)

    2. That is absolutely amazing. And he sings, too? I can't even read a note.

    3. funny thing.... Gavin doesn't read music either (he's one of those) He can sing but never would he ever in front of anyone!

    4. I think he should. Sing in front of people. I bet his voice is beautiful. Can I use that word for a guy's voice?

      My father-in-law plays by ear, too, although playing anything is semi difficult given he has only one hand.

  2. Happy Birthday baby brother!!!!!

    1. You were kind of like his 2nd mommy, Brianna :)

    2. pretty much :) I mean, I changed his diapers when you were at work and I taught him to ride a 2-wheeler :)

  3. Jackie you and Rick are such wonderful examples of godly parenting. It is such an encouragement to me to see how involved and much you are still involved in your adult children's lives. I hope your son had a wonderful birthday!

    1. You are so sweet Rachel, we do our best, then just trust that God will pick up the slack. YOU know all about loving your children and being involved. Your children are blessed :)