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Saturday, April 11, 2015

I think we turned the corner...

I took a wander around my house this morning picking up sticks from the trees, and
 admiring the new growth that screams....
"Spring is here"!
Finally a day of sun and warmer temperatures,
I'm fine with warmer... just not looking forward to "humidity", that I know will come soon enough. 
For now I will appreciate this day and all it has to bring.


  1. What are those gorgeous purple flowers? Did you get your camera back already?

    1. Audrey the purple are Crocus' They are so pretty and always the first to bloom. The camera is still in Fix-it land, I took these with my phone camera :)

  2. Those are a different variety of crocus than I have as mine look different than yours. Also, your phone camera pix turned out great.