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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sitting amidst poets...

It wasn't on my bucket list.... but it should have been!

Last night Rick and I had the opportunity to attend a 
Poetry Reading at Rochester's Civic Theater. 
We were invited by my dear (blogger) friend Audrey, who lives in Faribault. 

I first found Audrey a couple years ago when I happened upon
 a post in her blog about the city of West Concord.
It drew my attention because I have roots in this small town, my mom grew up on 
the farm near here. I remember many times going to visit grandma on the farm.

Audrey and I first hit it off and became friends in the cyber world as we 
discovered we had the same love for the country, family,
old barns, churches and..... gravel roads. 
We also share a love for photography. 
We have now met in-person twice, but it feels like I've known Audrey for years, 
she is a sweet and genuine friend.

Audrey is very gifted in both photography and the writing of poetry.
It was a privilege to hear her read one of her winning poem, last night at the Poetry Bash.
(Audrey reading, Wednesday Night Bingo at the Legion)
This is not her first gig, as many of her poems have been published.

Audrey gifted me with an autographed book of poems that were featured in the program we attended, two of her poems are within the pages of "Poetic Strokes & Word Flow"
(Rick's finger made a guest appearance in the photo)

Audrey grew up on a farm, near a small town in southwest Minnesota. 
She has a wonderful way of keeping small town America alive with her words and photo's
You can go HERE to checkout Audrey's Blog, Minnesota Prairie Roots

I never in my life thought I'd go to a Poetry reading, everyone should do it once!
 I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this experience. 
Thank you dear friend for sharing the evening with us!

Bonus photo.... 
 This little darling was watching "Motion Poetry", during the break.
So cute in her little tu tu.


  1. Dear sweet Jackie, you are a sweetheart. Thank you for supporting me at this poetry reading. That meant a lot to me. Even more, I loved seeing you and Rick. Aren't our husbands great, to attend poetry readings? Thanks for the photos, too. Rick's finger in the corner of the photo is perfect. It adds to the story, telling us that he was there. I, too, feel like we've known each other forever. You are a true sister of the heart. Many hugs and thanks.

    1. We really did have a good time and yes, we've got us some pretty good guys! One of my friend on facebook has already asked if she can borrow the book of poetry, she would love to read it :)