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Sunday, May 03, 2015

2 years ago, it was winter!

It nice to look up from my cozy chair on our deck and see a
 functional gazebo roof as it shields me from the direct sun. 

The last two year we have been hesitant 
to put it up too early after what happened the spring of 2013...
15 inches of snow, yep 15 inches, remember that guys?
 Our poor gazebo roof was destroyed with the heavy weight of the snow,
 it resembled a mini Metro dome.
 (Remember the year the metro dome's roof caved after a heavy snow fall)
Luckily we were able to replace the metal roof from for a decent price.
No flowers yet but my peaceful haven is up and ready to be enjoyed!
My outdoor "living room" 
 The sounds of my bubbling fountain
 mixed in with birds chirping and distant lawn mowers, is just what this girl needs after hanging out clothes and mowing my own yard.... ahhh my favorite spot, so peaceful!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks honey...I Love you!

  2. Very nice place to relax.

    1. Come on over anytime mom :)

  3. I love your deck, too, Jackie. It looks like a scene right out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

    And, yes, I do remember that early May snowstorm.

    1. Oh Thanks Audrey, cant wait to get my flowers planted, then it will be complete.

    2. I've been tempted to buy flowers. But a little part of my brain is reminding me that we can still get frost. Lots of folks buying flowers this weekend, though.