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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Barns, playgrounds and memories...oh my

I love the country and small town America.

Last Saturday I traveled with my mom, sister and our girls (granddaughter) cross country to 
Old Concord, MN. 
Mom grew up on a farm in West concord

The corn "is up".... barely

This old barn is about to see it's last days... 
I wouldn't want to be near that silo or inside that barn on a windy day.

Mom (right) telling us about the area that she grew up, 
where her dad and grandfathers farmed the land.

Remember the old playgrounds...

I remember playing in this very park and on this same equipment when I was a little girl. 
The "Thomas" reunions were held here in the lot next to the Methodist Church.
My daughter Brie, and niece Jensen
The care-worn pony merry-go-round

My granddaughter Audrey and my niece Jensen.
Do you remember the last time you played on a teeter-totter.
There used to be three, side by side.

swing disk

My favorite ride as a kid, 
there were always a lot of kids on this one at the reunion!
My sister Jodi (left) with her daughter Jensen, and my grand Audrey.

4 generations
Remember these flat metal slides?

Ended the day getting pedicures.

Love making memories with my daughter, it's so fun to have my Granddaughter hang out with her great-grandma, to hear the stories and to experience the places of yesteryear.


  1. What a cute post! Love the pictures and all the meaning behind it all. I love hearing about Gran's life and where everyone lived. Love that you played on the very same park equipment :)

    1. Glad we got to share the day together :)

  2. A lot of fond memories.

    1. Never gets old, I seem to learn something new everytime we go.

  3. Fun spanning generations. Ah, the memories resurfaced, the memories made. What a beautiful post, Jackie. Every single picture shares your love of all things family and all things small town/country.

    Great perspectives on the corn field, BTW, and of you journeying down that gravel road.

    1. Thanks Audrey, yah I was face down for that corn shot :)

  4. What a fun day!