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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This and that....

This is just a random post of "this and that". 
No specific topic, just some going-ons in our life right now.

My DIY guy had been picking away at our lower level bathroom. 
We never had it finished when we built this house 27 years ago. 
There will be more on this project when it is finished. 

 Today Rick drilled a hole in the house 
installing a new vent for the new bathroom.
  I love that he can just do that :)

Moving on....

We visited my oldest son and DIL on Sunday, they have Rhubarb....

 Today, I used the rhubarb from their patch to make these yummy Rhubarb muffins
You can see the recipe here

I also made BBQ Chicken French Loaf Pizza, a recipe I've been dying to try.
My guys loved it! 

Dinner tonight :)

Speaking of visiting my Son and Daughter-in-love.... 
We had a great afternoon on Sunday,
 hanging out and helping Brice with some yard work,
 but when baby girl woke from her nap it was all about her !!!
Oh My Heart... 

 Mommy and Daddy went out on a date so we got to 
spoil and love-on our littlest grand.
 Being goofy with grandpa 
Bedtime story
After the story, I got to give Scarlett a bottle while rocking her and singing her the same songs I used to sing my own. I cherished every moment of our sweet time together just talking to her, singing to her and smooching those sweet cheeks.

Last but not least....

I got my camera back after 3 weeks in the repair shop.... My life is complete!


  1. Love this random blog 😀 so sweet that you got alone time with Scar. Love the pictures! So excited to see the finished bathroom! Yay for your camera!

    1. My life is full of "Random" !

  2. Sweet random blog. Sweet grand baby too.

    1. Thanks mom... as you know grandbabies are the best!

  3. Let's hear it for random (sweet Grands) jottings!!!!! Please, write more!!!!

    1. Ha ha Doreen, You can bet there will be more :)

  4. Well, this random post overflows with happiness and all sorts of good news:

    1) Yeah, love when those guys can just "do" some home improvement project. They amaze me.
    2) Yeah to rhubarb and that pizza. Both look delicious. I need to find some rhubarb.
    3) Yeah to your sweet Scarlett. She is still cute as cute can be and so happy you had that one-on-one with her.
    4) Yeah to finally getting your camera back. Three weeks is a long time.

    Thanks for sharing all of these and reminding us that delights can be found in each day, especially among those we love most.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments Audrey. Those Rhubarb muffins are yummy, but not as sweet as our baby Scarlett, we had such a good time with her :)

    2. Oh, I know. Not even chocolate can top the sweetness of a baby.