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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Every town has a "fest"

Seems like every town no matter how big or small has some sort of summer festival.
Ours is called Rochester Fest.
This year the festivities had to be moved to a 
new location due to some major construction downtown.

Rick and I wandered down to Soldiers Field Park one evening just in time to witness 
one of these giant Hot air balloons being prepared for flight. 
I have never been this close to one of these monster balloons. 
They are quite magnificent

 The park proved to be a successful new venue with lots of room, 
plenty of grass to sit on and space for kids to run and play.
 Right before flight
There she goes, up up and away. 

 The old downtown area was always hot & crowded,
 everything was set up on asphalt. 
There was no room to move, and parking was horrible.

This was so refreshing, all the food vendors set up around the running track
El Carambas 
 Loved the Mexican hat display
This bright purple and pink really caught my eye, 
I love funnel cakes but I 
held off for these tasty little morsels... 
 So many flavors.... I stuck with the original plain cheese curds
 you can never do wrong with these.

But that wasn't the end of it... 
I couldn't leave Rochester Fest without some mini-donuts

So fun to watch this up close.


  1. I loved Rochester Fest this year. I hope they keep it at Soldier's Field! SO much better.

    1. Brianna, I think you were their a record amount of times 😊 I hope they keep it at Soldiers too!

  2. This looks like fun. And the food. I'm with you on the mini donuts. They've always been a favorite of mine. We picked up buffalo-ranch cheese curds at the Owatonna Farmers Market yesterday. Delish. Made by someone from rural Owatonna.

    1. I would love to try new cheese curd flavors, but Rick likes to stick with the old reliable plain ones. We always share them.