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Friday, July 24, 2015

No pictures, but I think a good read...

Headlines from this mornings news: July 24th, 2015

Last nights theater shooting in Louisiana  left 3 people dead (including the gunman) 
and injured 7 others....  

This only confirms the action I took while at a Movie theater with my husband last week!  
Here's how it played out...
 An hour into the movie, a lone male meanders into our theater, he sits directly behind us, he mumbles periodically under his breath. I can see him in the corner of my eye and notice he is frequently looking around the theater, turning his head back to look all the way behind him. His hands go in his pockets a couple of time. This goes on for about 5 minutes during the violent (shoot-em-up) scenes
 of the new Terminator Movie. 

I'm feeling uncomfortable about everything!
#1 A lone male
#2 who came in half way through the movie
#3 who quietly mumbles to himself while the movie is playing
#4 who keeps looking at his surroundings
#5 hand reaching in his pockets.....

So here's what my brain is thinking,

#1 OK, so the guys alone... no big deal, I've gone to movies by myself
#2 But why would he come in half way through the movie
#3 Yikes, he's creepy, he's talking to himself... he must be psychotic
#4 Yep now he's looking around to see his best plan for shooting us all
#5 Ok...that's it, now he's fumbling for his gun
another thought I was having was that Rick and I would be the first to be shot, as we were the only 2 sitting right in front of him.

Sound silly????
Am I crazy to think these things?
I guess not... an article from NBC news reported this from last nights theater shooting... "he was by himself, he sat by himself and the first two people he shot were sitting right in front of him" 

I couldn't second guess myself anymore, I leaned over to Rick and asked him to please go get a popcorn refill, (he looked at me kind of funny because we never get refills) I gave him the look, and he did as he was encouraged.

A minute later, I left to join Rick.  He looked confused until I told him how I was feeling and I just couldn't go back in there. Rick doesn't hear well, especially from behind, AND he was totally entrenched in the shoot-em-up scenes with Arnold Schwarznager!  He had NO idea what my little mind was battling with. Being the great husband he is he totally supported my decision to leave the movie! He also talked to the manager and got tickets to return another time.

Even though there was not a shooting at the theater that night, 
in the back of my mind was the....
I said to Rick, "why can't it happen in Rochester MN.... it happens"!  
I went with my gut, and I'd do it again

Today I prayed for the loss of these 2 innocent lives, and for their families. 
A tragic story that can happen anywhere. 
It's sad to me that we have come to this in our world.... just sad! 


  1. I think you did the right thing.

    1. I've never had a feeling quite like that before! I just had to go with my gut

  2. It's all so sad. I'm glad you left.

    1. ☺️ now we just need to get back and watch the movie to the end!

  3. So glad you listened to your gut instinct. It could have been you! You never know...why take the chance. It CAN happen anywhere! So sad to think about that! I'm sorry...but I'm glad too! You're still here to blog about it! :)

    1. With the news today about the shooting that happened just last night it made it all the more real.

  4. Trust your gut. Your instincts are usually telling you something for a reason. I trust mine.

    And kudos to the manager for giving you tickets to return another time. I wonder if the manager investigated further???

    I love the bit of interjected humor about "the look."

    1. We all know, "the look", right :)