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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

It's official... we are empty-nester's

I knew the day would come, but I'm thankful it came slowly!
Our youngest, Gavin flew the nest tonight.

 He gave us one day warning, although he's been hinting for 
several weeks that he is thinking about moving in with 3 of his friends. 
All have been friends since high School.

Gavin is our adult child who still "lives" at home... but not really. 
For the last couple of years, (when he's not at work), he's hanging out with friends, they stay so busy with "disk" (it's like frisbee golf), bowling,  movies, watchin' games, and.... 
you know those things young guys do.
 He would come home every night to sleep, 
I would sometimes see him in the morning before he left for work,
 and he usually spent Sunday afternoons at home with us. 
Even though it felt like he really wasn't here that much... 
I still knew he would be home every night.
So yeah.... He did it, he flew!

Lots of emotions, Happy-Proud-Sad-Proud-Worried(a little)-Proud.....
I know it's what we wish for our children, we raise them to be responsible adults,
 to be on their own, and to experience "life" without mom & dad.
It's been hard with each one as they've departed the homestead, 
but I have to say they are great kids and we are proud of all three!
 Loading Tyler's van
 (Tyler played football with Gavin, and also threw disk & shotput in high school). 
A big work van made it an easy move!!! 

 More stuff

 There he goes.... Gulp

Gavin invited Rick and I to follow him over to see his new home. 
He is living in a 4 bedroom house, about 4 miles from us.
Pretty cool for these four friends.

The next chapter.... So happy for my boy!


  1. Four miles OH no. That is a lifetime away. Good luck Gavin and friends.

    1. It'll be easy for him to pop over for visits :)

  2. And didn't you just mention something last Saturday to Audrey about "if Uncle Gavin wants a dog...?" Ah, yes, I remember that and you definitely were picking up on his hint that he would be moving away.

    But only four miles...and into a beautiful home. So happy for Gavin.

    You'll adjust, Jackie. You will. You have given him "roots and wings, roots and wings." Job well done, dear friend.

    1. Ha Ha Audrey, I really had no clue it would be THIS week, he had just been laying hints for quite some time. So yah, now he can get a dog, but I hope he doesnt until someday when he can really afford one. I know I'll adjust... just be hard for a few days. He's so close I bet he'll stop in often, at least I hope he will.