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Monday, November 09, 2015

Our adventure continues....

 Another beautiful day on the North Shore.
Sunny temps in the 50's, very little wind.... so lovely!
It's hard to believe that it's already November 9th, 
we really have stretched this mild fall out to the max!

 Rick and I decided to take a drive this morning after Breakfast. 
We really didn't know where we were going, just wanted to soak up 
the beauty of the forest, lakes and anything else we happened upon.
So many pine trees, here looking up toward the dark blue sky.... 

 and here looking straight into the forest, either way I love them!

Twice we were surprised by huge fallen branches in the middle of these remote roads
 Just glad our car wasn't driving under these trees when the branches gave way.

 We drove for what seemed like forever, the road was narrow and 
climbed up into the higher altitudes of the Saw-tooth Mountains
 (Minnesota mountains...but still mountains) 
rarely did we see any clues of human existence.

 Then this.....
  my eye captured snow on the side of the hills.
I was a little giddy and made Rick stop so I could get out and see it up close.

As we drove we saw a sign that said, "White Pine Lake" 5 miles.
We were right on it....
There is a sweet little campground for hikers, right before you get to the lake. 
The Superior trail crosses here.

As we got closer the water got bluer (no filter)

The thing that I was most taken back by was the "silence"
Absolute silence... 
I can not remember the last time I stood somewhere and heard nothing.
I just couldn't stop talking about it..... it was almost spooky. 

 Set the camera up on the deck ledge and snapped a selfie 

 We stayed a bit and gazed at the flawless lake, not a ripple... not a sound!

We eventually made it back to our place to have lunch and a little rest.

The rest of the afternoon involved a 4 mile power-walk for Rick,
  then some hiking for the both of us at Temperance River State Park.

We did some rock picking, and rock skipping here, 
this is such a fun little area to hangout and walk along the beach. 

Earlier, while Rick was on his walk, 
I hung out down on the big rocks below our place
I could sit here for hours, it's very mesmerizing!!!

Back to this morning and the start of our day....
The view from our window.... God's artwork in the sky  :)


  1. Love the pictures Mom. The silent place looks silent even in the pictures, the water is so still! Love hearing about what you guys did :) Love you! Drive home safe tomorrow!

    1. I agree with you, Brianna, that you can see the silence in the photos. Lovely images, again, Jackie. I don't know if I would be brave enough to follow that remote road. No cell service, I bet.

    2. I can not describe what that absolute silence, sounds like I know it seems weird....but it's just so quiet!

    3. You're right Audrey...no cell phone coverage, but we did have GPS incase we got lost.... that's half the fun of it for us.

  2. Such pretty places to go and discover. Too bad I'm not a travler.

    1. Well you should start Mom, you're really missing out!

  3. beautiful photos! Please tell me you have framed some of your photos!

    1. Thanks Cheri, I haven't, hard for me to decide, maybe someday :)

  4. Absolutely stunning Jackie! Glad you guys are having a good time.

  5. Thanks, It's so peaceful up there, we love our time on the North Shore!