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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Road Trippin'

 I've been itchin' to take a drive and see what we can see... that's what we do!!!
We decided to go with Winona, it would put us there about lunch time.
 Lunch would be at Hardees, Rick's favorite!
 It works for me too.

After lunch, we proceeded to just drive the streets.
There is so much beauty in the buildings and homes of this city.
It's an old river town of approx 27,000.

So I thought I would share just a few of the photo's
 I can't begin to show all that there is, 
the churches alone would be another blog post,
That's for another trip...maybe this summer.
 Most of these buildings have been refaced, 
nothing run-down about downtown Winona!

 One of my favorite corner buildings, this one houses "Toppers Pizza" 
Really... it doesn't really fit

This picture doesn't do the roof line justice, so much detail and color. 

This cute little drive inn.... closed for the season. 

Again.... so much detail in the roof line 

 Cute little coffee shop.

 The bridge that crosses into Wisconsin.
...and then there were the homes, oh my
my mouth fell open and I think I drooled. 

 Only two to post here.
You get the idea, the streets were full of these mansion-like dwellings.

Memories flooded back as we drove by Winona State University.
 We used to visit our daughter when she attended the university as a Nursing student.
and then there's the drive home, cross country on the back roads...always! 

and finally... we stopped for some Java at this sweet little place called "Cabin Coffee" 

I love days like this when Rick and I can spend the day with no interruptions, no TV, no computer, no laundry, no nothing... just him and I doing what we love to do.

We all need time to connect, to talk to enjoy each others company without the distractions of home. 
It's simple, cheap, entertaining and refreshing  :)


  1. You know how much I love road trips. What a great day. I love your snapshot of Winona. It's a beautiful river city. My mouth would be gaping also at those houses. And the downtown buildings...

    1. Audrey we checked out the Watkins museum...pretty cool!

  2. Such a fun hobby to share!

    1. We really didn't start until the kids were older (self sufficient) and then out of the house. We are kinda making up for all the years that we didn't take as much time for ourselves, kids came first !