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Monday, February 15, 2016

They are all the rage...

Shopkins figurines are all the rage now for little girls (elementary age)
 These collectible trinkets are roughly 1 inch in height and 1 inch in width. Each figurine has a face and its own name. They are distributed in bright colored packaging with bubble letters. The first series of Shopkins was revealed in 2014 and were based on grocery items such as a candy bar named Cheeky Chocolate, a sweet apple named Apple Blossom, and a chocolate chip cookie named Kooky Cookie. They now come in accessories such as hats, shoes, and jewelry. They are also around the house items such as staplers, toasters, scissors etc. These little girls love to collect them.....and trade.

Today I had the privledge of taking my oldest granddaughter to a
 "Shopkins trading party" at Claires a small shop in the mall. 
This was her 1st trading party and she had a blast! 
When you're 6 it's a hard concept to grasp... the trading part that is, 
"I'll give you this is,  you give me that". 
I tried to prepped & quiz her the best I could on the way to the mall. 
When we got to the shop we found the crowd of girls and Audrey set up shop. 
I stayed close to encourage her and help her get started. 
She quickly got the hang of it, and was able to nab a few special shopkins that she was hoping for.
 Makin' a trade

Thinking about it
 She's still so little

 After all the trading we decided we needed a treat, 
so we stopped for a slushy and looked over the stash.

 Aren't they cute ?

So do you remember the little fads....collectible toys you had as a child? 
I would like to hear about them!

 Remember these from the 80's and 90's, my kids were into some of these...

Pogs were collectible game pieces for a game from the mid 90's

Beanie babies debut 93, During the latter half of the 1990s the toy emerged as a major fad

Slap bracelets were a popular fad among children, in the late 1980s and early 1990s,

My little ponies, popular in the 1980's
My daughter had a whole bucket full.

Power Rangers, debuted in 1993, based on a childrens TV series
I went to great lengths to get these for my boys... was I nuts?

Barbies debuted in 1959, I never owned one but my daughter had about 50.

Sports trading cards, I had hundreds of these cards, and traded often with my "boy friends"!

Oh...  Trolls, I forgot about them, 
I had a bunch  :)


  1. Being that Brie and I are the same age, I think you got all the fads I was part of! Fun little day for Audrey!

    1. Your era is easier for me to remember, as a young mom I was living it!

  2. Love this blog! So cute seeing her trading, thanks for doing that with her! Slap bracelets were the best!!!!!!!!!!

    1. And the snap bracelets were CHEAP...unlike a lot of these collectables! Thanks for letting me have a special date with your girl, we had a lot of fun !

  3. Memories are great.

  4. None to add here Mom??? I was curious if there were any toy fads from back in your day ?

  5. Trolls are the only collectible I remember from my youth. I had one, a tiny pin on troll with pink hair and a birthday gift from my friend Robin. Trolls were big when my girls were little and they had lots. I think because I loved them so. They also had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And my sister way overspent on Beanie Babies for my three kids. If I bought any for them, I don't recall. Remember Polly Pockets?

    1. Oh yes I loved my trolls! I dont think I bought my kids any beanie babies.... I left that for the auntie's and grandma's :) I DO remember Polly Pockets but don't remember the years they were popular?

  6. Replies
    1. Ah, you too Kirk? They were the best!