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Monday, March 21, 2016

Just do it ! An all girls road trip...

 A few weeks ago Rick and I took a road trip to Wabasha
We gazed at the eagles and had lunch in one of those yummy small town diners..... 

After posting about our trip on "Facebook" I had several friends (and daughter) comment about wanting to do this as well.

One of my goals this year is to "Just Do it"
No more just talking about it, but REALLY making things happen!
so I responded to the girls with just that....Lets do this!
the rest is history...

Planning a day that works for 5 ladies is a feat in its self, 
so I threw out some dates and one of them worked for everyone.
 Sadly it was a cold blustery day, so windy it about blew us over.
But it didn't matter.... our friendship is stronger than the wind and we would not be shaken
Off we went... 5 of us in Linda's 7 passenger van, cross country to Wabasha, MN
* * * *
There was no warning.... the ground didn't even rumble... 
see the tiny headlight coming down the tracks
 Our backs were to the train as we walked along the track at Read's Landing, 
chatting, laughing, taking pictures, watching the eagles soar above the Mississippi,
  we were startled by a loud roaring whistle of a very fast approaching train..... 
can you image what that poor engineer was thinking?
 We all scattered the three on the left to the River side, 
and the two on the right jumped back to the road side.

 I was on the road side.... I took a photo of my friends down by the river as the train sped by.

We all survived, even my sweet daughter who took this photo. 
We were all surprised how fast that train came around the bend,
 but really... we did have enough time to clear the tracks. 
It was quite exhillerating, it made us feel young and crazy 
(*Disclaimer, I would not recommend doing this at home).
 Reads Landing is a small little village about 4 miles from Wabasha, 
it has a great area for watching Eagles,
 we saw a few but again... it was cold and windy and I think the eagles were feeling it too.
I was so glad my sweet Brianna was able to join us.
(Thanks to Grandpa Rick for watching Carson)
Brianna was just little when these ladies became a part of our lives, 
we all went to church together and our families vacationed together for many years.

Lunch in Wabasha at The Silver Star Saloon & Grill
 Love these sweet friends
On our way home (like it or not) my friends got to share in my love of old cemeteries...
Cemeteries are almost always part of my road trips  :) 

We hope to have many more fun road trips in the months and years to come!
These are my friends forever....cant wait to see where our next adventure lies.


  1. such a fun day, I'm so glad that I got to come! xoxo

  2. What fun! You have some lovely friends:)

  3. What a great day doing something you love with people you love. I don't know about that train business, though. That seemed a little risky.

  4. Yes, I know the train thing seemed a bit crazy... surely something we didnt plan on happening and it happened rather quickly, We did have enough time to react but it was quite a surprise!!! Like I said, "I wouldnt recommend doing this at home :0