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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Neighbor lady...

Neighbor: a person who lives near another.

I come from a generation when the "neighbor ladies" got together often throughout the week,
 usually in the morning and it always involved coffee.
Most of the mom's didn't work so that was their outlet, 
they got the 1st load of clothes on the line, the kids fed breakfast 
and they "put the coffee pot on",.
Ha Ha, I distinctly remember hearing mom's say to each other,
 "you got the coffee pot on?"  I guess that meant, I'm coming over for a cup.

I feel times have changed, more ladies are working, we are on the go 
and we keep ourselves busy with other things throughout the day.
 Seems like our mom's just stayed home. 
I really don't remember going anywhere much at all... 
so I guess there was always time for coffee. 

My definition of neighbor is more than Websters definition,
 "a person who lives near another"
My "Neighbor Lady" and good friend Mary Ann and I have "put the coffee pot on" from time to time in our 28 years of being neighbors, more so now that we are empty-nesters and Mary is retired.
We have raised our kids together, borrowed each others stuff and enjoyed each other's company. 
We even shared the same profession...Nursing!

We are still busy, and we usually have to schedule our coffee time,
but the important thing is ....
we make time for each other.

I have known Mary Ann for over half of my life...that's crazy.
We built our houses together in a brand new development.
Mary Ann had 4 boys, her youngest Ryan was 18 months, our Brice just turned 1.
They grew up best friends through their school years.
Her 3 older boys all babysat for us at one time or another.
We are the kind of neighbors that your can borrow a cup of sugar from and not worry too much
about replacing it, because sooner or later one of us is gonna need to borrow something else,
It all comes our in the wash, right!
Our houses are directly across the street from each other.
In the non-winter months, we often meet up in the middle of the street
 just to chat and catch up on what's been happening in our lives...
now days It usually involves talk about grand kids  :)
Sometimes it's hard to believe that we went from young mom's, to Grandma's,
 where did the time go?

I'm thankful for my friend and "Neighbor Lady" Mary Ann and her hubby Dan, A.K.A Merv!
Good neighbors can be hard to find!
 It's about time for another cup of coffee Mary,
whatcha doing next week?


  1. I remember the good old coffee mornings back when.
    I also remember a few times when we looked at each other around 2:00 pm and had forgot to feed the kids lunch. LOL.

    1. ..and we all survived. We were probably too busy playing cowboys and Indians to notice.

  2. You are incredibly blessed to have such a good friend (neighbor) right across the street. We should all be doing this--visiting our neighbors.

    1. Yes... with the business of life I think it's been lost in the shuffle.

  3. What a lovely post and a great blessing to have a friend and neighbor to share life with:) I love the comfort your post implies...no formalities to coffee, just getting together.

    1. We sometimes have a treat too...because we deserve it, or so we think we do, ha!