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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

We share an interest of "History"

 Terrace Hill is the official residence of the Governor of Iowa.

 The house sits on a hill over looking the city of Des Moines, it's 18,000 square feet
 and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2003.

 The home was built over 3 years, 1866-69 for $250,000.
In the late 1970's the Hubble family, who then owed the house, 
offered it to the state of Iowa for use as a home for the Governor and his family.
~  ~  ~  ~ 
 Understandably  there were not photo's allowed inside the mansion, 
but my rebel self couldn't help it and I snuck a photo of this with my iPhone...
A lovely stained glass window at the bottom of a beautiful giant staircase.

 We caught a glimpse of the governor and his wife returning home, they occupy the 3rd floor of the mansion....this is a grand home with so much detail, it about killed me not to be able to take photo's.
Some of you will understand.

We had to put our guns away, ha!
We were guided by a gentleman who claimed to be "obsessed" with the house.
 We could tell he was passionate about his job as he took us through showcasing works of art, crystal chandeliers, stenciling, historical artifacts and rare antiques.

~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

 About 3 miles from the Governors residence in Iowa's State Capitol
 The picture really doesn't do it justice, such a majestic presence it has!

 From the front steps of the Capitol, looking at downtown Des Moines.

Bonus photo 
Reflection of the capitol building in the mirror-facade of a near by building.
Taken from my 2011 Archives, 
when Rick and I last visited Des Moines on our 29th Anniversary. 

Stay tuned for my final post on our Visit to DesMoines.....


  1. So cool! Love the pics.

  2. I really love that bonus reflection photo. How big is Des Moines? It doesn't look crazy busy in your photos with crazy traffic.

    I can totally relate to your feelings about not being able to photograph inside the mansion. I fail to understand such restrictions when not using flash. Such a rule almost kills me, too.

    1. Population is 209,000. The traffic wasn't too bad at all. I think the reason we couldn't take photo's is because it's the Governors residence, so he currently lives there. I suppose it's for security purposes that we couldn't talk pictures, but still...... :/

  3. I think you should submit the bonus pic to the Des Moines visitor bureau or chamber of commerce. Beautiful!

    1. Oh thanks Jen, you are so kind. I really like that picture too!