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Monday, May 23, 2016

New friends...

 Yes, they are "just ducks"
They swim in front of our cabin multiple times a day
We enjoy watching them, and they seem unruffled by us.
Sometimes they make their way out of the lake... 

and waddle through our yard

 and who knows where they go as they travel to the end of our lot.
I don't mind that they pass through as long as they don't eat my rhubarb!
This guy swam right past me as I sat on the dock fishing, a muskrat perhaps?  
He acted like he owned the place. 

I'm enjoying the wildlife that is all around us on the lake, 
I have yet to capture the large bird that resembles a flamingo who flies by several times a day.
The loons sing us to sleep at night, I have never heard them so vocal, it's quite amazing!


  1. I like the ducks, but that muskrat thing is creeeeeeepy!

    1. Yah, he just showed up out of nowhere, and when I reached for my camera he didn't even flinch!

  2. I like the wild thing on the lake. Watch out for the bears in the woods.

  3. Oh, you are loving your lake place, aren't you? Beautiful photos, as always.