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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A different kind of Father's Day...

Rick and I are just home from a lovely extended weekend at the cabin.
It was a very special weekend, not only because it was Father's Day, 
but because Rick got to spend it with his dad, who is 83.
 Rick and his Dad out for a boat ride
It was so sweet to watch them go off together.

 We did a lot of just sitting and talking, and spent about 80% of the time outside.  
Rick's mom and dad are "Inside" people but they were troopers and seemed to enjoy this quiet, peaceful setting. No TV, no radio, just God's beautiful back drop... 
and boy did He show us some beauty!

 We all sat on the dock Saturday night until 10pm watching the sky, it was like an interactive painting, the clouds changing shapes and colors more vivid then I've ever seen.

 Rick and I took the boat out one afternoon and when we came back 
we found his mom and dad sitting on the swing waiting for us. 
Rick's mom kept saying, "I cant believe how beautiful it is here, and how quiet it is". 
She loved the sound of the tall pine trees as they waved in the wind.
 You have to understand, Rick's mom lives with Chronic pain among other issues and really
 doesn't leave the house much anymore, so this is a BIG deal!

 I decided to set a puzzle out.
 They loved working on it late at night and early in the morning.
It's a very challenging puzzle, I'm hoping we can finish it next week
 when we are back up with our kids :)

 Our last night we got to witness the beautiful full moon on the 1st day of summer, 
It's been 75 years since this has happened.... 
It was breathtaking over the lake.


  1. Awww, I just love this. I am SO glad that they came and that they enjoyed it so much. The picture of Grandma walking away on the dock made me tear up, I know it wasn't easy for her to step out of her comfort zone, I am proud of her! What a great gift you and Dad gave them this weekend! Love you.

    1. We even had her on the Boat....that's another story. It went really well Brie, but I feel the gift was ours, especially dad's, So great for him to have his mom and dad there.

  2. You have so many beautiful memories, but I think the memories made this weekend are extra special.

    1. extra extra special :)

  3. I am so happy that this weekend actually happened. What a super special memory to share with them. You captured it so beautifully in the pictures. Well done you guys!!!

    1. Thanks Julie...It was good for all involved :)

  4. Everything about this weekend speaks of family love and blessings. So happy you had this memorable weekend together in a place where many more memories are sure to be built.

    1. Yes Audrey, love and blessings for sure. We weren't sure if it would ever happen but it did and we are glad for that!

  5. I just love how you guys are loving your cabin:) Such a blessing for you all!

    1. Yes we are blessed, It's been very clear from the beginning that it was meant to be :)