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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Our little guy is 4 today!

 Happy 4th Birthday to our favorite (only) grandson Carson.
 I love every age and stage that my grands go through but 
this age is the one I want to hold onto.
It's the age of innocence, 
the year before they go to school and learn that
 there is a whole other world out there. 

I love that he always has that bunny in his shirt, so sweet!

 This one has been pure sweetness from the beginning!

A snuggler and lover baby 

 and those baby blues
and blonde curls
Lover of balls and watching daddy play softball.

We love you Carson
You are such a sweet and happy little guy, 
with a big heart and a silly personality
Happy Birthday sweet boy!
~Grandma (damah)


  1. Happy birthday sweet little Carson. Your our #1 great grandson. Hope you have a fun day.

  2. How can this be, four already? Happy birthday to your sweet Carson! It's been fun to watch him grow via your words and images.

  3. Oh my Carson, stay little! Thanks for the sweet blog Mom :) He loves his Damah!