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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Swinging and singing and playing, Oh my.....

 The house is quiet, and we miss her already!
There was a lot of swinging going on at our house that last 4 days.
 We are spoiled & fortunate to have 2 grandkids that live in the same town as us. 
We try not to take for granted that we are so blessed and get to see them often during the week.
I have many friends that have limited time spent with their little ones due to distance.
We have it both ways...
 Even though out little Scarlett is only 90 minutes away, it still takes some coordination to see her. 
We are lucky that her mommy & daddy are always welcoming in their home,
 and do their best to come visit in Rochester when they can....but it's never enough. 
"Never enough" is ok though right, not in a bad way, but in a way that says,
 they are always on our hearts and we miss them when we haven't seen them in awhile....
no matter the distance!

This weekend we had our 1st over night(s) with our sweet Scarlett.
 Her her mommy & daddy attended a friends wedding out of state, and the timing was perfect for us.
We were thrilled when we got the call asking if we could have her from Friday through Monday..... YES, YES, YES!!!

 She did great, and we quickly fell into a routine.

Bedtime was precious, she wanted to rock with me while I sang her requested song 
over and over again, "rain rain go away, come again another day"
I don't know who loved it more?

 We had a busy, but fun weekend, and it went all too fast!

 We attended cousin Audrey's school musical...

We visited Great Grandpa & Grandma Erickson (my parents)...

and Great grandpa & grandma Hemmer (Rick's parents)
 She loves to help Great Grandpa Wayne play the accordion

 and then there's gotta be bubbles...

and Gander Mountain to run off some energy and do back-walkovers in the big tube...

 we had the cousins, auntie Brie and crazy uncles Gavin and Chris here for a picnic.
lots of silliness to go around!

and of course we needed to take the "baby" for walks in the stroller! 

did I mention lots of swinging? 

Today I am missing this little joy, the way she says Yahhhh for yes, and "Nahma" for Grandma!
Her little giggles and pitter-patter of steps across the kitchen floor.

Did I mention the Photo shoot???  
(That's another post to come)

We are blessed beyond measure to call these little ones our grands
Oh My Heart


  1. It was so much fun to have you guys for a visit.
    Also loved the photo shoots around the yard.

    1. She loves to visit her great grands!

  2. She is so sweet and beautiful. All three of the grands are!! <3

    1. Oh thanks jac'... we think so :)

  3. Oh, Jackie, my heart overflows as I view these photos and read your words. Oh, how blessed we are by grandkids. I love this post for all the reasons a grandma would. I especially like that shot of the three cousins walking down the hall at Audrey's school.

    1. Thanks Audrey, I'm glad we can share in our grandma gushing about those little ones! I love having the three of them together and seeing them become little friends :)

  4. For some reason I never commented on this the first time I saw it. Loved having Scarlett in town, what a fun weekend that was!

    1. She loved hanging out at the Lewis's while G & G had a little date :)