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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Drive-by shootings....

 On our way home from the cabin last week I decided to have camera-in-lap,
 I knew there would be some photo opportunities as we drove through the country
 before running into big hwy 10 that takes us back to I-94.

I am usually driving this leg of the trip but we switched it up.
 I took advantage of the landscape and surroundings. 

* Picture quality isn't the best due to a moving car.

Up North is also farm country, lots of barns and crops 

 I wish I had a better photo of this place. 
The guy who lives here must collect old gas station stuff, his yard is FULL of these things.
 Someday I might get brave and stop  (if he's out)

No, we're not in south Dakota.... 
There is this buffalo farm about 1/2 hour from our cabin. 

A little Americana, Up north in the country. 

Potato fields & watering systems are BIG up north.
The soil is sandy, so I suppose they need to have the back-up in case 
Mother nature is not cooperating.

On to Hwy. 10 where trains are a plenty.
I remember when we were kids we used to try and count the cars as the train sped by....
 we usually didn't get to far, but we always tried.


  1. Jackie, I enjoyed this on-the-road photo tour, especially of the Americana shed, although the stripes are running the wrong direction. I've found you always need to have your camera ready because, when you don't, you regret it.

  2. There are two cemeteries and a "Hope Chapel" that I also need to explore on this same road. Maybe this week?