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Saturday, September 03, 2016

A very unique (and worth while) visit...

On our way to the cabin, about 15 minutes from our place, 
we pass by a sign that reads "Evergreen Cemetery" , well.... 
those of you that know me, KNOW that I am lured to cemeteries!
Any cemetery but ESPECIALLY the small country cemeteries.
On this particular trip to the cabin we FINALLY stopped to check it out,
 I'm glad we did because I have never seem a cemetery quite like this one.... 

First... the sign. 
Looks like someones family member put this together with old scraps of wood from the garage. 

 then the one-lane dirt path that seems to go to nowhere.

Then the plots.... very unique markers
(I blotted out the last names out of respect to those deceased)
 A steel hand made yellow cross, with names of family member, (perhaps children), 
hand-penned down the middle.

 Silk flowers adorn the grave markers,  
this cemetery so remote yet those who rest here still thought of.

 I thought this interesting, the grave site bordered by cement paver's.
Again a hand made cross, no big grave stone marker here.

This little gem caught my eye, a small angel attached to a nearby fence. 

So unique, cement boots sit atop this grave, marked with a hand made cross. 

There is a stone marker with name and dates at the foot of the grave.

Look closely at the cross....a belt
A little hard to see, but there sites are all outlined by small rocks 

No name, just a site bordered by wood pieces 

This little Digger toy looks to be deliberately left here in this small plastic circle, 
there doesn't appear to be a grave nearby so I'm not sure what to think of this??? 

A wooden marker, names and dates inscribed with a wood burning tool. 
Along side it another hand made cross.

This marker simply states "AT REST"

 I want to know more about this cemetery, it's just so unique, 
never seen anything quite like it.


No, we are not in South Dakota
There is a Buffalo farm on the way to our cabin, this time we stopped for a photo op.
As I got closer I started hearing some crazy snorting so it was a brief visit.....those creatures are huge.

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