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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The smell of fall is in a pile of leaves...

Our neighbors tree is enormous!
The side of our yard takes a hit from all the leaves that depart from it in the fall

 This morning I decided that the leaves scattered on our lawn needed a boy
So I check with my daughter and they had no plans....over they came.
Making leaf angels

Grandpa is always up for some fun in the leaves!
So first they raked um up into a big pile

Then the craziness began...
Yep that's Carson, mid-air launched by grandpa
 He eventually had us hide him in the leaves and 
we had to pretend like we didn't know where he was.
"Where's Carson...anyone seen Carson"  Ha ha
He loves that game

Here Brianna is playing along, trying to "find" Carson.
More shenanigans....these two  <3 p="">

Do you remember playing in the leaves as a child? 
My daughter said today that the smell of the damp leaves brought her right back to her childhood when she would go to my Brother's house in Kasson, (they had a house in the woods). 
My brother and Rick would make enormous leave piles for the kids to play in.
Funny how smells trigger childhood memories.
I hope our grandkids will remember playing with their grandpa in the leaves!


  1. Since my "growing up" home was in a new side of St. Paul and had been a hay field, there weren't many trees there. The city planted the "appropriate" ones in due time but, as kids, we had to go in search of "the forest" (and we did find it!!!). Burning leaves is definitely a fragrance that brings memories of childhood!!!! Love the antics in your photos!!!!!!!

    1. Where there's a forest with trees and leaves....a child will find it :) Ah, yes burning leaves, I loved that smell too!

  2. I need to borrow Carson as Izzy is too young yet to play in the leaves. What great memories you are making with Carson.

    I loved playing in the leaves while growing up. My favorite memory is building houses with leaves. We would form walls with the leaves, designing whatever type of house we wanted. I love everything about this season from the memories to the colors to the smells.

    1. Thanks for sharing your fond memories of "Leaf play", building houses is something I never would have thought of. Kids can be so creative....especially when we were kids! Izzy will soon be old enough to be tossed in the leaves, there are so many memories just waiting to be made :)

  3. I like this blog ๐Ÿ˜Š He had so much fun!

    1. He wanted to do it again today, I had to explain to him that the owners of the tree had raked all the leaves up, so we no longer had the pile :(