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Monday, October 24, 2016

This and that...

This is what happens....

When you walk down these in the dark 
 and you think your on the last step...
but your not.
Luckily my ankles are already trashed from repetitive ankle sprains in high school and college sports.
Therefore when my ankle turned over when I hit the cement only minimal damage was done.

On the other hand, my camera that I was carrying to take photo's 
of the Harvest Moon did not fare so well.
From the outside it looks ok, but it's not.
Sadly I will have to put my beloved Sony to rest.

A new Camera will have to wait....

My MacBook Pro that I have had for 7 years has seen her last days.
She has been a wonderful laptop friend for all these years.
She has never given me an ounce of trouble, not even one virus... ever!
She has been a trusty companion on my lap, editing photo's, initiating blogs, searching, investigating and keeping me up to date with the world around me.
Tonight I will order her replacement.

A couple of bonus photo's to cheer me up....
 His last Kayak ride of the season

Colors at the cabin
Morning at the cabin
Last weekend we put the cabin to bed and tucked her in.
Until next year....


  1. So beautiful. You'll miss it sooo much! What a beautiful blessing for you! Soooo sorry to see that really nasty fall! I hope you'll be ok! Love you!

    1. Oh I'm fine.... It's my camera that didnt fair so well. We had a great year at the cabin, already looking forward to next year.

  2. Ouch. that injury looks painful. Did you sprain your ankle? I missed a step on our back steps the other day, too, and thought for a moment that I had a sprain. But all is OK.

    I am so sorry about your camera and your laptop. Those are two major items to go at the same time. I know how difficult this is for you to be without both. Hang in there. Are you getting a Sony again?

    Beautiful pix, as always.

    1. It was an all out fell, My ankle turned over but the ligaments are so damaged from spors that there's nothing to sprain anymore :/ The camera flew,bouncing of the cement blocks, the lens broke off, it was a sad experience mostly because of the camera. Rick came out about 3 minutes later and did the same thing. Neither of us saw that last step because of a shadow. he was graceful and fell into a summersault, ha ha. I'm thinking cannon or Nikon now that they have flip screens.When I get my new computer I can finally do some research, tell me what you have again???

  3. My camera is a Canon EOS 20D, ancient by today's standards. It's probably 10 years old already. With so many choices out there, it's difficult to know what to choose. Have you considered a mirrorless camera? They're the latest. A friend has one and loves it. However, because they are new, the cost is considerable.