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Friday, December 09, 2016

Something I've always wanted to do!

It's on my "bucket list"...
 to attend one of the few services held at this pioneer church in Lenora, MN

The church is on the 
National Register of Historic Places
The United Methodist Church
I have visited this unlocked gem several times with my dad while on road trips to Southern MN.

I've sat in the original pews of this church, and wondered what it might have been like to attend in the early days. Heated by an old wood stove which sits in the middle of the building as you enter the front door. It reminds me of the wood stove my grandma had on the farm.

There is no electricity, so if it's not daylight then the light is provided by
oil lamps placed in strategic area's  within the church 
There is also an oil-filled chandelier

I Love, love love the alter,
 Behind the wooden rail are candelabra's, a nativity set, a small reed pump organ,
 and a real Christmas tree! 
How often do you see a large American flag on the wall at the front of the church? 
It certainly is a focal point and really pulls in the connection of God and Country.

Weather pending... I am hoping to attend a service this year on December 23rd.
Another bucket list check off.


  1. That would be so cool! I hope you get to do it!

    1. We'll see..my intentions are always good!

  2. I, too, would love to attend a service here. It's such a lovely and simplistic house of worship. Beautiful photos.

    1. We shall see if it happens...feeling hopeful!

    2. I look forward to your post.