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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The pitter-patter of little feet could be heard throughout the house...

A Christmas gathering at the Hemmer's

The running, giggling and squeals never get old for this grandma of 4.

* * * * 
Really the best present for this mama/grandma is to spend time together!
I feel blessed (and never take for granted) that our kids 
all live close, with Brice & family being the furthest at 1.5 hours away.

We enjoyed our time together Christmas night, it was relaxing and 
always fun watching the little ones open their presents
Sweet Carson, so glad to get "just what he wanted"
He can never have too many cars and trucks

"Peter Paaaaaan", 
Scarlett loved her new book as she runs across the room to me sporting her new Cinderella dress. Toddlers are so fun... this one is into fairly tales and princesses.

 Meet our brand new grand boy Lewin. 
Rick and I got lots of baby snuggles, smiles & coo's
He is the sweetest and so happy to just BE!
He is 2 months old today!

Christmas took a lot our of this little one. Time to rest on daddy!

 Smiling for mommy, and cousin Carson

Auntie Brie, and big cousin Audrey....sharing the love!

 Audrey had been really wanting a soft cozy blanket
Grandma came through  :)

Our little blessings, 
We are loving this time of our life, grand-parenting is the best gig ever.


  1. You have such a beautiful collection of grandchildren! They will always know how much they are loved by their grandparents. Thanks for making your home a place were we all feel at home! Love the pictures! Most cooperative year ever of the one by the tree!

    1. It will always be your "Home", but you know that! It's awfully quiet around here....sigh! Loved time spent you you all!

  2. I adore this post showcasing your love for your family in images and words. Oh, those darling, darling grandkids.

    I wish I'd taken more photos. But I spent so much time in the kitchen...

    1. We had such a good time Audrey. I had made up some meals before hand, and we had some yummy left overs from my mom's Christmas lunch, so luckily I was not in the kitchen that much... but I get it, someone has to feed the people, right!

    2. I tried to prepare as much food in advance as I could. But there's still food you can't make until the day of. Sigh. But it was OK as the kitchen duty kept me busy and I needed busy to keep my mind off, well, things.

    3. I totally get it, I be the kids appreciated your efforts. I felt like I was in the Kitchen a fair amount even though I had prepped before hand. After Lunch on Monday Brianna and Rick cleaned up the whole kitchen, dishes sweeping and all while I was downstairs snuggling Lewin. I was sooooo thankful that they did that!

  3. Perfect picture of all 4 of the kids! (you got to post pics on social media!!!) Does this mean we will get to see more?

    1. Thanks Cheri, yep, they are pretty perfect! :) It's always been ok for me to put pics on my blog....just not Facebook or Instagram.