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Monday, January 16, 2017

We love this gig...

Sunday was the perfect day to grab the grands and take em sledding

Rick and I are blessed to be healthy and able to "keep up" with this energetic 7 and 4 year old!
We love being able to play with them, to be involved in their lives and love on them.

Grandpa & Grandma

I'll admit, Rick does most of the "work", while I supervise and take photo's
I will say though that I was the first one down the hill with Carson in my lap.

We chose a hill close to our house that was steep enough to really get you going,
 but not too long that it took forever to get back up!

One way of getting back up the hill  :)
These two....My heart!
Looking forward to loving-on our other two grand babies next weekend!

 Our little climber Audrey found a nearby hill and scaled it in no time. 
She put a few tokens on top to "mark" her territory.

 Horrible quality....only had my cell phone, but it doesn't mask the joy in this little boys face
Carson had a blast, he could have gone all day!

Love these two buddies

Last time down the hill....biggest kid on the bottom

Do you have any fun memories you had with your grandparents?



  1. What absolute joy exuded in these images. What love. What fun. What memories. Love that you went sledding with Audrey and Carson.

    1. It was such a beautiful day, the kids seemed extra excited! We will cherish these memories and be thankful that we can be so active with them. :)

  2. Those pics of you and each of the kids though! Beautiful!!!!

    1. awww, thanks Cheri :)