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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Winter Clothesline

A friend of mine recently posted this photo to my Facebook page, she knows me well! 
My love of Winter, hanging out clothes and country.

I  LOVE this print by Christine Henehan
Below is and excerpt from a women who dedicated her Facebook page to her Mother
A mother who taught her much. 
The words below are hers but...
I feel like I could have wrote it.
(I underlined the sentences that pertained to my methods)

"My mother taught me there are specific rules for hanging laundry on the clothesline. First, you must make sure the line is clean. Always wipe it with a damp cloth wrapped around the line while walking from one end of the line to the other. Wash and hang your whites first so they will be high up by the pole where the sun can bleach them. Shirts are always hung by the tails, never by the shoulders. Socks are always hung by the toes, never by the tops so as to not stretch the leg band out of shape. This also allows the socks to dry quicker because air can blow up into the socks. Hang pants by the cuffs and not by the waistband. This allows the waistband which is thicker to dry more quickly and, like socks, air can get up into the pants better. Towels and sheets are always hung on the outside lines so you can hide your underwear and such on the middle lines. Also join two items when possible with one pin, like towels, pillow cases, or diapers and continue down the line that way. This saves space and clothespins. Never leave the clothespins on the line after removing the clothes because if you leave them on the line the weather will ruin them; also, it looks tacky. Make sure you take the clothes in before time to start supper so that you will have time to sprinkle them (see below) and get them ready for ironing the next day. Above all, never hang clothes out on Sunday. ~ Beth
The painting is "Winter Clothesline by Christine Henehan". I bet those clothes will be "stiff as a board" when they are brought in." 
I guess that was a method that was done in the ironing process, I think it was just a bit before my time, but not much as a few of my not-so-much-older-freinds remember 
sprinkling their clothes and wrapping them in plastic before ironing them. 

I love the idea of hanging out my clothes in the winter, 
I've just never done it because I think it would take so much time, 
do they REALLY dry? I suppose eventually.

 I think I will stick with my non-winter months for hanging out clothes but just  for the heck of it,
 I might hang my sheets out next time I wash them, but I won't be sprinkling them... 
I don't mind a wrinkled sheet, they are gonna get wrinkled anyway, right!


  1. Another commonality we share--hanging out the laundry. I do hang out clothes in the winter months, but only on a warm and sunny day. And, yes, they do dry. Mostly.

    Love the print.

    1. I'm contemplating buying the print, I really like it! I think it's neat that you hang out in the winter, you are a die hard! I hope to do my bedding on the next warmish, sunny day :)