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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Hiking the Cow Path....

Yesterday Rick and I decided to take advantage of the mid temperatures.
 We took a road trip to Redwing for a little winter hiking and exploring.
We ended up at Memorial Park (see link below)

We chose the "more difficult"  cow path trail, 3/4 mile and up hill. 
It was given the name Cow Path Trail because years ago local dairy cows walked up 
this trail each morning to graze on the bluff top, they returned each evening for milking.

There are many hiking trails within the park, I circled the one we were on.

The view from on top was spectacular
You can see the Mississippi in the back

We made it all the way up, I'm a little giddy and thankful my knees took me up!

This is also known as the upper Quarry
There is a pavilion, picnic tables, a fire pit along with the scenic views.
This area used to be a lime stone quarry,

We found us a wonderful diner called Bev's, a great place for lunch.
I had the turkey burger with parmesan chicken soup, Rick had the dependable Hamburger. 
 We really enjoyed our food, the staff was pleasant and the space quaint. 
We would go again as there were so many options that looked good. 
They serve breakfast all day as well.

and.... a latte for the drive over to Colvill Park to see the eagles.
Not a good day for viewing eagles, we only saw one perched high in the trees,

Look who we found hanging out on the River on our way out of town.

A little more on the homes in Redwing on my next post.....



  1. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Have you ever been to the Smokin Oak in Redwing? It is one of our favorite restaurants in Red Wing. Just thought I would through this into the mix.

    1. Does my anonymous reader have a name? We will have to look into this restaurant the next time we hit up Redwing :) Thanks for the tip :)

  2. You are making me itch for a day trip like this. I've been to Red Wing multiple times but never to the top of Barn Bluff. What a view. Glad you spotted those two eagles, too, on your way out of town.

    1. Audrey, I was thinking with your new found tolerance of winter, maybe a little hike up to the bluff is in order! I didnt bring my good camera, too risky and heavy for hauling up a slippery incline for 3/4 of a mile. I was glad about the eagles too...added bonus for us :)

  3. I should take my fam here this summer :) Looks fun!

    1. The hike would be fun for the kids....and you guys too. there is a big pavilion at the top with picnic tables, you could even bring your own lunch. Also there is a huge playground in Colvill park, check it out here on this website under "universal playground.