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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Notice the detail... Redwing part 2

Large, colorful, many angles, details & intricate workmanship. 
Just a few adjectives to describe some of the most beautiful homes I've ever seen. 
Oh how I would have love to go inside and explore  these spectacular homes in Redwing, Mn.

I noticed many different materials used to construct each home.
 Red Brick, The windows are trimmed out in red. Sculptured arches run along the porch. 
Domed details around each of the window and a crazy roofline 
I wonder how many rooms and in this one?

 I love the color pallet of this little beauty and the detail over the front stoop. 
Oh, and that tiny upper window....cute!

 I believe this is a bed & breakfast. The sign in front reads, Moonlight Inn. 
Made of stone, and trimmed in purple. It certainly catches your eye!  
I love the big porch and that little tiny round window up top.

 This might just be my favorite. So unique, simple and wonderful. 
The upper half sided with shakes gives it dimension.
 I also noticed the little brick chimney peaking over the roof top.

So many lines that go every-which-way. The pops of color, checkerboard detail, 
and the little dormer window at the top....there's a pattern here, I love those little windows.

 That porch.  That color.

 Big red and brick

As we explored the old city of Redwing we also noticed the hills...lots of hills!
 I wouldn't want to try to get up this one in scow and ice.
Redwing is a beautiful Rivertown with plenty of parks, hiking & shopping There is beauty all around! If you haven't been there, you should.

Anything about these houses that you particularly noticed?


  1. Nope, you did an excellent job of highlighting the detail in each. Your favorite is also my favorite. I love porches and studying beautiful old homes like these. Thanks for the tour, one I need to make in person.

    1. and I know we didn't see them all. If I can remember right Faribault also has some amazing old homes!

  2. Yes, Faribault does have some amazing older homes, many just a few blocks away along Fourth Avenue Southwest.