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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A weekend with family and celebrations.

We were blessed with lots of family time this weekend. 
Our niece Jill's baby shower, and our granddaughter Audrey's 8th Birthday party.

Always excited to have our oldest Son Brice and wife Jennifer here staying overnight at the house. 
We get to spend quality time with the Twin Cities grand babies. 
Lots of hugs, kisses and snuggles.

Audrey turned 8 last week so the family-party was Sunday. 
It was a beautiful sunny and warm day, which was extra special since it always seems
 to be cold and rainy during her B-day parties.
We were able to sit out on the deck and visit while we ate, and the kids were able to play outside.

 My mom & dad doting over Little 6 mo. old Lewin, 
He is their youngest and 8th Great-grandchild.

 Rick and his 2 grand boys.  
Carson almost 5, and Lewin 6 months

 Audrey, had such a nice party!
Here she hugs a letter "A" Emoji pillow from Uncle Gavin.

She loved her pink Flamingo slipper from Rick and I

Sunday morning Scarlett (our youngest Granddaughter) struts around wearing 
my nightgown draped over her shoulders. 
She wanted to be "Elsa" (from the movie Frozen)
It's the right color and the right length....perfect! 

 Out picking "flowers" for mommy & daddy

 My son Brice snapped this photo of Uncle Gavin and Scarlett, 
just hanging out in the back yard. I LOVE this photo!

Today we had our sweet Carson over for a playdate.  
We love to play games and Play-doh
(Photo taken about a week ago on another play date)

Sometimes after the grandkids are here I leave the toys sitting out 
for days to remind me of those precious ones. 
I also leave hand prints on the windows left by the sweet little hands of 
Audrey, Carson and Scarlett...
It feels wrong to wipe them away.

Can you tell, I just love being a Grandma, I can never get enough of those little blessings.


  1. Lewin looks look so much like Scarlett!

    P.S. I still have little handprints left on my windows from Christmas time!

    1. Sometimes I think they look alike especially across the eyes and bridge of the nose. I see you are in heaven right now with those sweet ones of yours :)

      I knew you would "get" the whole handprint thing :)

  2. Oh, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, your love for your grandbabies brims. I am smitten by them, too, so darling and cute and bring on the handprints.

    I also love that image of Gavin and Scarlett.

    1. I also love that Photo of Gavin and Scar. There is a mutual admiration between Gavin and his nieces and nephews. And yes.... you also know that love for a grandbaby, it's just the best!