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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

This one...

Happy 8th Birthday to our beautiful free-spirited, and lovely Audrey. 
When I think if Audrey this photo comes to mind. 
She is fearless in many ways and from the beginning 
she seemed to have a spirit of determination! 
She is lovely, she's sensitive, caring, a thinker and she adores her family and loves Jesus.

She made me grandma first, and shaped me into the grandma I am.
  Sometimes I wonder if this is perhaps the reason for which I was created!


I have always love seeing these two together, it's a special bond!

She has stretch my heart, and gave new meaning to just how precious life is!
Grandparenting is truly a gift,!
Jojo,  you are loved and prayed for everyday, 

God has given Grandpa and I a precious gift...YOU! 
 Audrey Joanne and we love you so much, and are proud of the little girl that your are. 


  1. That picture of you two is perfect! Happy Birthday Audrey!

    1. Thanks Cheri, she's something else!!!

  2. Happy 8th birthday to your sweet Audrey. I can attest to the caring and giving nature of Audrey. She is blessed to have you as her grandma, Jackie. And you are blessed to have her as your granddaughter. I agree that this grandma calling is a wonderful blessing.

    1. Yes! we are blessed, Love my little grands! Hard to believe Audrey is 8 already, it just goes so fast.