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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Our Anniversary get away continued.....

I took a small break from posting on our spring trip, 
I'm back.....

The last 5 nights of our anniversary getaway was Tybee Island
A small quaint island off the coast of Georgia. We loved this place, 
it was small easy to navigate, quiet and what we like to call an authentic island.

 We found a one bedroom condo on Airbnb.com it was perfect for the two of us
It was close to the beach and we had a nice private setting at the beach itself.

Our little private beach entrance 

 The view from our little deck at the condo.

Looking back at our condo complex from the beach

There was a cute little coffee place about two blocks from our condo, after our morning walks we often came here for a treat and to catch up with family "going-ons". 
I didn't want to miss a single photo of those grand babies. 

 beach walkin'

 We spent every afternoon out here basking in the sun. 
It was mild, only in the mid to upper 70's, but that is about perfect for us!

 The pier downtown. Every evening we watched the sunset here.

Stay tuned for one more post on Tybee Island....then I'm done  :)



  1. Looks like such a fun place!

  2. This looks rather like paradise.

    1. Well yah...that too :)

  3. Nothing like the beach!

    1. especially a quiet beach with mild temps :)