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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Part 3 of Charleston, Anniversary trip

By now you may have figured out that I loved Charleston! 
Other than than the beach.... it was my favorite part of the trip.
(If you missed my other posts on Charleston see Part 1 & part 2)

Today I wanted to share Historic Charleston, oh my...the history, it's fascinating!
Rick and I are "self-guided" walkers,
we enjoy exploring, taking our time, talking and enjoying the view.

It wouldn't be right if you made a trip down south without stopping at the Waffle House.
Starting our day out with breakfast at the Waffle House

The battery
We had to see what all the hype was with this area called The Battery...
These two photo's taken from Google images

The Battery is a scenic parkway shielded by a fortified seawall on the tip of the peninsula 
formed by the joining of the Ashley and Cooper Rivers.
The streets are lined by historic homes, describes as Antebellum homes (Pre civil war)

The following photo's give just a taste of these homes, mostly built in the mid 1700's

Crisp clean colors
Love the Palmetto Trees that line the streets in front of these homes
So much pride of ownership, I really wanted to go in that room on the roof.
Most of these home has gas-fueled lights that remained on even in the day light.
Pink seemed to fit right in as most of the houses were of pastel colors.
So much detail, gas light, arched doorway, flowers, beautiful windows...
 notice that the top center window does open just incase the folks inside
wanted to go out on the tiny balcony.
a gated driveway
a street sign embedded in the building
cobblestone roads.... I love this
buildings covered in vines.

We were enamored by many churches in Charleston, this one stood out on our walk
This link has much history of this beautiful church.

The graveyard is the city's oldest burial grounds with monuments dating from 1695 
As an avid graveyard lover, I found this graveyard to be quite amazing...
John Rutledge 1739-1800
1st President and 1st Governor of South Carolina
Principle Architect and Signer of the United States Constitution

 Do I look like a tourist?
(Photograph taken by Rick)

Hand made baskets displayed on this iron fence.

Did I mention that we walked...and walked....and walked
(and that I love this man)

Stay tuned for more on our Anniversary adventure...


  1. Oh my, how I love Charleston!!!!!! We were there last September and did a mule drawn carriage ride. Walking was not going to cover the geography. Besides, our cute carriage gal navigating the traffic with an, at times, stubborn(?) .......headed critter, she had a non-stop monologue of historic info that was awesome! After that, we did have time to walk a very little bit.......gorgeous architecture (luv the gas lights!) but the "historic mandates" that must be followed must be frightfully costly (like the gas lights!!!!!)..........Will have to go back to previous posts (trying to catch-up after our Texas winter stay!!! sigh.......)........

    1. We enjoyed our walking in Charleston, but we wish we would have done the carriage thing in Savannah, We did a trolley and it wasn't all that great. Too many people and too much noise, we didn't catch half of what was said. Glad you are safe at home in SE Minnesota.

  2. Oh, Jackie, now I want to go to Charleston. Those houses are something. And those cemeteries. How long is the drive to Charleston? If I could do Boston, I could do Charleston.

    1. From Faribault it's about 1300 miles, (19.5 hours) Soooo many cemeteries and old churches, forts and plantations. You would love it!

  3. I could do it. I did a road trip to Boston last spring.